Iron-on Heat Transfer Paper

Our T-Shirt transfers are available for both dark and light materials.

Design your own custom t-shirts and apparel online.'s t-shirt transfer materials are perfect for creating custom-made t-shirts tailored to your individuality. Our t-shirt transfers are made to print in your desktop inkjet printer and applied with nothing more than a household iron. Use them for events, promotional tools, sporting events, conferences and even your own personal use. And designing your t-shirt transfers is easier than ever with Maestro Label Designer®, our exclusive label design software.

Iron on Transfer Paper Light (Inkjet Only)
Light T-Shirt Transfers Light Transfer Paper
OL 362 HL
The light t-shirt transfer material for inkjet printers is excellent for light colored t-shirts such as white or light grey.
 How to use our light t-shirt transfer material
Iron on Transfer Paper Dark (Inkjet Only)
Dark T-Shirt Transfers Dark Transfer Paper
OL 363 HD
The dark t-shirt transfer material for inkjet printers is excellent for dark colored t-shirts such as black, navy blue or other dark colored hues.
 How to use our dark t-shirt transfer material

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