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Professional Response

First time using Online Labels and Jason was great. He helped me correct a less than perfect label that I submitted and the label came out perfect...very professional.

Ron Williams


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10/10 Top Tier products and services!

I've been ordering labels from OnlineLabels since I started my business 4 years ago and I have always received high quality labels, fast shipping and exceptional customer service! The access to the label designer is just a cherry on top!



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Jessica's Customer Service.

I had a couple of legit issues and I was not expecting the fantastic customer service that Jessica provided. I was not even expecting a response. Customer service with most companies is not even existent in todays world and if it is..... you are not listened too. She took the time to look into my issues without even asking her too really, provided the best customer service I have seen since the 80s or 90s, no kidding. Communication and customer service are key, especially in todays world, because we all know it's lacking in most areas. Thank you for you time, Jessica, you deserve to have the best week ever , Online labels is lucky to have you. Thanks again!

Brett Noble


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Wilfredo is amazing!

Wilfredo with gave me outstanding support and assistance with an issue!



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The best customer service!!!!

Anita was the absolute best she stayed on the phone and got everything taken care of. She was so patient and kind I 100% recommend this company.

Janelle Skidmore


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Impeccable Customer Service provided by WILREDO G!!!

I called to try and resolve an "issue" with my order and LUCKILY Wilfredo was the person to answer the line. He was very PATIENT, UNDERSTANDING and SENSITIVE to my situation; in which I truly appreciate! Wilfredo tried every way he can to assist me (spent hours back and forth....bc of me) and throughout this process he remain patient and continue to provide top notch service! On my next order, I will contact Wilfredo because of the QUALITY service he has provided me and I am HIGHLY pleased! Online Labels have high quality product but most importantly they have a HIGH QUALITY customer service reps such as Wilfredo G! Keep being yourself....because you're AWESOME!!! Gracias por ayudar me!

Synovia Gorbea from SynLuxeBar


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I am so impressed with the Customer Service and Tech Support at OnLineLabels ... they are outstanding! I had a complicated tech issue (caused by me!) and I needed to print labels for a huge job asap ... I called and spoke to Aida who listened to my urgency and situation, assessed the issue and fixed the problem! I was up and running in minutes! She was extremely professional and polished. THANK YOU ONLINELABLES!! YOU SAVED MY DAY!

MacDougall’s Irish Victory Cakes


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Amazing Company!!!!

Just wanted to let the consumers out there know how great my dealings have been with onlinelabels. I manage a print shop and I am constantly amazed at not only the cost for label materials and selection, but also the shipping cost and timeliness. To all of the customers out there that are looking for an amazing (Free) tool, Onlinelabels has a product called Maestro. I do design work and this software makes it fool proof to setup all of your labels perfectly. Thanks Onlinelabels.

Mike Sobey


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Fast delivery

Labels arrived sooner that was expected.

Ricardo Reyes


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Exceeded expectations

I placed a 're-order' of some packaging labels for my bakery. The turnaround time and the professional out put of the labels is well worth outsourcing. Thank you for making it easy!

Shari Weyrauch


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Anita Customer Service Agent @ Online Labels - Terrific Job!

Anita @ Online Labels Customer Service Agent - Did an outstanding job with the order. She made sure the customer received exactly what the company required in a difficult order. Her attention to detail is the best in the business! I have order from other companies-Anita @ Online Labels was superior to any other agent in this type of order! Thank You, John Green

John Green


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Multi Label design help

One of your representatives helped me create multiple labels on multi-labels and was fantastic- her name was Anita!! Wow so much great help!

Gina Palandri


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