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Excellent Customer Service from Darrell!

I don't normally write these but Darrell deserved my recognition! He was so helpful and knew right away what I needed! Thanks again and I look forward to receiving my labels!



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Excellent customer service!

Today was my first time contacting your company to place an order and Darrell in customer service was excellent! He made my order a breeze and I appreciated all of his help. Keep up the great work, Darrell! :)

Lori Anna


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Awesome experience

I have a bakery and label my packaging. It was costing me a lot of money and time. The customer service at Online Labels was very helpful and walked me through the whole process. I am very pleased with the look, convenience and price! It's awesome that when I need to reorder, it's just a couple of clicks! Thank you! Dianna 2/6/2020



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I ordered these round white labels (OL1025WX) on Tuesday at around 4pm and received them the very next day and this was via regular mail! I don't usually leave comments but I just had to say thank you for the expedited service! Prices are excellent and I'll totally be using them for all my future label needs.



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The OL1567IF - Integrated Form Labels with perforations completely changed my life for eBay shipping

I have a steadily growing eBay business. Until now, I've been printing out the label and receipt on the usual half page each format that eBay provides, on regular printing paper. I cut out the label, use tape to put it on the package, and keep the receipt. On busy days, this ritual has taken up to 2 hours of every day, and was starting to really annoy me. On a whim, I started looking for options (I specifically wanted a half label/half regular paper set up so I could keep using the format I am using, which helps me during packing because I can see what product goes in every order). Ran across these guys with their OL1567IF labels and the rest is history. Instead of cutting and taping labels, I use my new HP 9025 Officejet (fantastic printer, btw!), and with a couple clicks, print regular packing slips from one paper tray, and labels from the other. Saves me at least 2/3 of the time I used to spend on this tedious chore. Thanks so much guys! Also, PS, really fast shipping too!

Paul Fleiner


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Super awesome

I started off kind of fumbling around a bit since I’m terrible at anything with technology, however within a day I was creating my labels. What prompted me to actually write in is ALL the other things I’ve been able to do using this site! Wholesale line sheets, custom signs, collages, school projects! The list goes on and on. I’ve tried other sites and this one far exceeded my expectations. A++++++



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Help resolving an issue

Hi all! I just wanted to share a story I will make a short one. My wife and I run our own Etsy business. One morning when we started our orders, our printer was printing with lines and only on one of our products. We thought it was first a Photoshop issue and called Photoshop for help. For our other shop we have a Photoshop plan we pay for, but this current shop we are having issues in we just have the free Photoshop option. Because it was the free version, Photoshop wouldn’t help us. Then we thought it was a printer issue, and i didn’t want to have to deal with that because last time I called the printer help center I used so much ink and paper. So we called Online Labels and talked to Lisa F. She saw our issue and went to work. Within 10 minutes she had it figured out and we were able to get back to work. It was something on the printer settings that changed, and I am still not sure how it got changed. Maybe because we turned it off for the first time over a weekend when we went on a trip? Not sure! Online Labels will now be my first call if I run into issues like this for sure! Thank you so much :)

Josh Dalton


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FANTASTIC from start to finish!

We are beyond satisfied by the excellent customer service and product that we received from! We were in a bind, ordered last minute, and because we are in a rural area, we knew overnight shipping was a long shot. We were shocked and THRILLED when our labels shipped out the same day and arrived next day without a hitch! THANK YOU! You have a repeat customer for life!

Kimberly Hawks


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Labels that you can trust!

I use these labels from because I know that I can trust that they will stay exactly where I put them! Labels are one of the most important part of selling any product. If your labels don't look good or fall off, that's not the image you want to present as a business. I've never had any issues with labels not sticking, and the quality of the paper itself is great! If you're looking for affordable labels, look no further!



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Great quality

Online Labels is the only place I will buy my clear laser address labels. I sell them for my business; these are the only labels I found that work well with my Minc foiling machine. I'm able to use these labels to do beautiful foil and I can sell them at a great price. Online Labels has increased my business and I'm so fortunate to have found a company that can assist in small business growth. 100% recommend.



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Superior product & service

My business image is very important to me. I provide my customers with custom designed sales books, demo boards, mailing cards and more. Usually I would have each customers logo printed onto the materials. Then I had an idea of how easy it would be to use labels instead of sending out for custom materials. Cost effective, faster, less expensive. Sounded like a win/win to me. But the labels I used had poor quality, faded and were literally useless in a few weeks. Then I found ONLINE Labels. It seemed like a dream! The best quality labels available, any quantity I need and when they provided tab sheets to separate the types of labels! I couldn't believe someone had the forethought to provide tabs. This company provides Fast Shipping, Great Prices, Any Quantity and Customer Service beyond the norm. Thank you Online Labels. You make me look good!



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Very high quality!!

I started using online labels from the get go for my sticker business and the quality is always surprising! The colors print beautifully and the adhesive is strong. The weatherproof sheets are durable and can withstand almost anything. The pricing is very fair, especially if you start with the standard sheets and shipping is fast. 100% would recommend.

Rahatul Erbe


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