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great labels

Super material.

John Joseph


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Glossy CD/DVD Labels. Funny, and who's kidding whom?

I saw Online Labels on Amazon, but they didn't have the ones that I wanted. I went directly to ONLINE Labels and was greeted so promptly and help with the explanation of their products. I still doubted that GLOSSY (in printing labels for 20 plus years "I ain't never heard of such a thing). ONLINE LABELS sent me 3 sheets to try (Memorex design) as soon as I got them I tried them. The results are "fantabulous" and no smear, lay on the disk perfectly. The quality is superior to the matte finish paper. SO, if you want a GREAT label, USE ONLINE LABELS. Here is the best part. My husband is an old fuddy-duddy and it's a fight to get him to try something new. HE IS ABSOLUTELY EXCITED about these labels. So there will be more order that's for sure. Delivery is only 3 days. Another nice addition to the labels the come in a plastic clam shell case for protection. Happy printing Regards, AC-RM Graphics©™ Balch Springs, TX

AB Cate


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Aggressive Adhesive was right!

After ages of grunts and discontentment with labels that didn't adhere to our plastic packaging, we got a few sheets of aggressive adhesive, white matte labels... and the same day we got them bought 250 sheets right away. So much less stress with a stick once and done deal, got what was promised!!

Alena Dementeva


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Best Label Company Ever!!!

Shipping is fast. Product is superior. But best of all, I really love that I can enjoy the Maestro Design for a year with a qualifying purchase. This is what keeps me a repeat customer. I am not a tech savvy person but Maestro is so easy to use and my labels come out perfect every single time. Thank you for this generous benefit!

diane bloomingdale


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Thank You for not ripping people off with high shipping fees. & thanks for the quick service

Russ Kuhlemeier


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Multiple label print out

KELI was terrific in getting me on track to print several of my designs on one label sheet that prints 6 label.. Keli saved me time and frustration. Thanks. Now I just neet to remember that for the next time!

Thomas Ochwat


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Good Support

Called the Customer Support line line on a Saturday (expecting to get a "please-call-back-during-regular-business-hours" recording and Wilfredo (a real person) answers. He took time to address the matter and was professional, knowledgeable, courteous. For my purposes, ONLINE LABELS has proven to be a reliable source for a wide variety of reasonably-priced, high quality labels. Thanks!

David Harrison


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Superior Customer Support

I called the Customer Support Line last week to change my email address. Wilfredo Garcia was helping me, and during the process all my folders, labels, and imported pictures "disappeared". Wilfredo immediately contacted the IT group and they were able to restore all my labels, etc -- almost 400 items. Because of that quick action, I didn't loose anything, and didn't have to spend numerous hours reconstructing my labels. Thanks so much!!!

eileen walling


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Best. Hands down.

I’ve been using on my labels for sometime and after train a dozen other companies I must say not only are your labels awesome and the designer is dope but your customer service is superb!!!!

Kathy Watson


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This was my first experience with and its not everyday I am left with such an impressive impression of an individuals world class customer service as I experienced with Matt! He went above and beyond to answer all my questions, research specifics, provide follow-ups, etc. and made sure I was comfortable with all aspects of my detailed purchase. I don't always leave reviews... but when I do its because its well deserved and I would like to give recognition to that individual as someone others should strive to be! Thank you Matt & Much Appreciated!

Michelle Freeman


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Wonderful Customer Service!

This is my first call for assistance and I was blessed enough to find Wilfredo on the other end of my call! He was extremely thorough AND patient with me and because of his excellent; thorough instructions, I was off and running in no time! I'm so glad I found and Wilfredo!

Lynne Cavanaugh


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Excellent Customer Service!

I have ordered labels from Onlinelabels a few times now and the quality is always superior! Recently I had a few questions about my order and had to call in. Twice I spoke with the same customer service representative named Wilfredo. He was so kind, courteous and helpful both instances. He guided me through my questions and went above and beyond to make sure that my labels got ordered and shipped to me within the appropriate amount of time. You don't get good customer service like that anymore!

Megan baxter


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