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Fast delivery

Labels arrived sooner that was expected.

Ricardo Reyes


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Exceeded expectations

I placed a 're-order' of some packaging labels for my bakery. The turnaround time and the professional out put of the labels is well worth outsourcing. Thank you for making it easy!

Shari Weyrauch


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Anita Customer Service Agent @ Online Labels - Terrific Job!

Anita @ Online Labels Customer Service Agent - Did an outstanding job with the order. She made sure the customer received exactly what the company required in a difficult order. Her attention to detail is the best in the business! I have order from other companies-Anita @ Online Labels was superior to any other agent in this type of order! Thank You, John Green

John Green


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Multi Label design help

One of your representatives helped me create multiple labels on multi-labels and was fantastic- her name was Anita!! Wow so much great help!

Gina Palandri


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Love Everything

Every type of paper I've purchases has been quality. My candle labels are gorgeous and all my stickers are perfect.

Adrienne Randle


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Great Customer Service by Wilfredo G.

As I was searching on-line I came across and called to inquire about availability and pricing for round, kraft brown labels. Wilfredo was so down-to-Earth, friendly, and helpful that I felt like I was talking to an ol' friend. The best customer service interaction I've experienced in a very long time. Thanks Wilfredo for giving your personal touch and thanks to OLL.COM for hiring quality C. S. agents who go above and beyond the call.

William Mariano


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Aida was very helpful in setting up my labels!

Thanks Aida for all of your hard work on the phone with me today.

Birdie's Gelato


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great labels

Super material.

John Joseph


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Glossy CD/DVD Labels. Funny, and who's kidding whom?

I saw Online Labels on Amazon, but they didn't have the ones that I wanted. I went directly to ONLINE Labels and was greeted so promptly and help with the explanation of their products. I still doubted that GLOSSY (in printing labels for 20 plus years "I ain't never heard of such a thing). ONLINE LABELS sent me 3 sheets to try (Memorex design) as soon as I got them I tried them. The results are "fantabulous" and no smear, lay on the disk perfectly. The quality is superior to the matte finish paper. SO, if you want a GREAT label, USE ONLINE LABELS. Here is the best part. My husband is an old fuddy-duddy and it's a fight to get him to try something new. HE IS ABSOLUTELY EXCITED about these labels. So there will be more order that's for sure. Delivery is only 3 days. Another nice addition to the labels the come in a plastic clam shell case for protection. Happy printing Regards, AC-RM Graphics©™ Balch Springs, TX

AB Cate


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Aggressive Adhesive was right!

After ages of grunts and discontentment with labels that didn't adhere to our plastic packaging, we got a few sheets of aggressive adhesive, white matte labels... and the same day we got them bought 250 sheets right away. So much less stress with a stick once and done deal, got what was promised!!

Alena Dementeva


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Best Label Company Ever!!!

Shipping is fast. Product is superior. But best of all, I really love that I can enjoy the Maestro Design for a year with a qualifying purchase. This is what keeps me a repeat customer. I am not a tech savvy person but Maestro is so easy to use and my labels come out perfect every single time. Thank you for this generous benefit!

diane bloomingdale


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Thank You for not ripping people off with high shipping fees. & thanks for the quick service

Russ Kuhlemeier


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