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Shipping Labels

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Find the right shipping label for your needs using the following list of carriers, platforms, and products.
Ensure your packages get to their destination with high-quality, printable shipping labels that showcase the value and professionalism of your brand.
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Amazon® FBA Shipping Labels

Improve your margins and efficiency with shipping labels for Amazon warehouse fulfillment.

All-Purpose Shipping Labels

Breeze through your shipping processes with these popular shipping label configurations.

eBay® Shipping Labels

Ship with confidence using labels designed for eBay sellers.

Etsy Shipping Labels

Find the right label configuration for shipping orders via Etsy.

FedEx Ship Manager® Labels

Reach more customers with dependable labels for the FedEx shipping platform, Ship Manager®.

FedEx Ship Manager® Lite Labels

Get more orders out the door with shipping labels for the FedEx website.

PayPal® Shipping Labels

Speed up order fulfillment with shipping labels for PayPal®.

Pirate Ship Shipping Labels

Cut down on shipping struggles with shipping labels for Pirate Ship.

ShippingEasy® Labels

Simplify your shipping process with large shipping labels for the ShippingEasy® platform.

Shippo Shipping Labels

Manage your ecommerce business using our shipping labels for Shippo.

ShipStation Shipping Labels

Tackle order processing and fulfillment in ShipStation with ease using our tested shipping label configurations.

Shopify Shipping Labels

Up your Shopify game with these compatible shipping label configurations. Shipping Labels

Save time with blank shipping label sheets for printing postage.

UPS® Internet Shipping Labels

Print directly from the UPS website with these printable label sheets.

UPS® WorldShip Labels

Streamline your UPS WorldShip® process with compatible shipping label sheets.

USPS® Shipping Labels

Produce professional labels for your USPS Priority Mail® shipments and Click-N-Ship® packages.

Shipping Labels on Rolls - 1" Core

Send your shipments out fast with blank shipping labels on 1" core rolls for dedicated label printers. Choose from standard white, waterproof, and removable label materials. See all of our roll label options.

Shipping Labels on Rolls - 3" Core

Fulfill orders quickly with blank shipping labels on 3" core rolls for dedicated label printers. Choose from standard white, waterproof, and removable label materials. See all of our roll label options.

DYMO® Printer-Compatible Shipping Labels

Shop DYMO® printer-compatible roll labels. See all of our DYMO®-printer compatible sizes.

Integrated Invoice/Form Shipping Labels

Upgrade your process with combination paper invoice and shipping label sheets.

Shipping Labels on 8.5" x 14" Sheets

Fit more content using these legal-sized shipping labels.

Pre-printed Shipping Labels

Ensure your packages convey the proper messaging.

Can't find what you're looking for? Browse all of our standard sizes.

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How To Choose A Shipping Label

Your business' packaging is the first thing customers notice when receiving your shipment. Show your customers their package matters – it's time to upgrade from cutting and taping standard printer paper to your box.

We hand-tested each of the shipping label formats listed above to ensure the best results for your business. In some instances, multiple shipping label configurations were suitable. For those shipping carriers/platforms, choose the size that feels most comfortable to you.

Larger labels will include more white space around the edges of the print, but they also allow more "wiggle room" if your sheets are prone to shifting in the printer. Tight configurations offer a near-perfect fit with little extraneous white space, but could be more problematic if printing shifting occurs. Below, we've listed our recommendations.


  • FedEx Ship Manager® Labels: OL131
  • FedEx Ship Manager® Lite Labels: OL369
  • UPS Internet Shipping Labels®: OL175
  • UPS WorldShip Labels®: OL400
  • USPS® Labels: OL395

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