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Rectangular Labels with Square Corners

Accentuate your design or container with these chalkboard labels, squared corner labels.

Circular Labels and Oval Labels

Impress customers, recipients, and friends with these round, chalkboard labels labels.

Miscellaneous Labels

Create one-of-a-kind labels with these printable chalkboard labels stickers.

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Here's what people are saying

Chalkboard Labels vs. Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard stickers and paint are widely popular among crafters, small businesses, and families. Whether you're labeling toy bins, organizing your pantry labeling, or decorating, we want to help you find the best option. Here's why our customers keep choosing chalkboard labels over chalkboard paint:

  • Paint is messy. There's set-up and clean-up involved with painting projects. You'll need to lay newspaper down in your workspace, wash paint brushes, and more. With chalkboard labels, all you have to do is peel your label off the sheet and stick it to your surface.
  • Paint needs to dry. There's some downtime when it comes to chalkboard paint. You can't stick it and immediately start writing. It may also take multiple coats to get your desired color/thickness. On the other hand, you can write on chalkboard stickers anytime, either before applying or right after.
  • Paint is permanent. There's no way to reposition or remove chalkboard paint once it dries. If you're paint is crooked or not centered, it's not an easy fix. Instead, the removable adhesive of chalkboard stickers bonds strong and removes easily.
  • Taping edges doesn't always produce clean lines. Sure, using masking tape to create your boundaries works, but those lines rarely come out perfectly. You also run the risk of it not being straight. Our labels easily separate from the label sheet, leaving you with clean edges and straight lines.
  • You can still create your own sizes. Stickers and paint both allow you to design your own shapes and size chalkboard labels. You can cut our labels by hand or use them in an electronic paper cutter like the Silhouette or Cricut.
  • You still have to buy chalk. Instead of requiring you to purchase your own chalk, each sticker order comes with a free chalk marker pen.

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Chalkboard Labels (CB) - Technical Material Details
Our chalkboard labels are made from a non-printable, slightly textured material that mimics the look and feel of a real chalkboard. The removable adhesive makes them easy to remove and reposition as needed. They're designed for use with standard chalk or liquid chalk pens and are not meant for use in desktop printers.
Facestock Caliper: 5.0 mil ± 10%
Liner Weight: 92 lbs. per ream ± 10%
Liner Caliper: 7.5 mil ± 10%
Total Caliper: 13.0 mil ± 10%
Min. Application Temperature: +20° F
Once applied, will withstand: -10° F to +120° F temperatures