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Accent the shape and color of your candle with the perfect label.
Choose from blank or custom printed candle labels in a variety of sizes and shapes.
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What label materials look best on candle containers?

Standard white matte and white gloss are great options for candles and will work with most label designs. Our brown kraft material is also a great option if you're going for a vintage or natural label look.

What are good label sizes to use with my candles?

There's no correct label size or shape for candles, but we commonly see large rectangular labels on candles. You can use our free printable size charts to try some different options by cutting out the sizes you like and seeing how they look against your product. Play around with circles, ovals, and even thin rectangles for a modern look and see what looks the best!

Does my candle need a warning label? What should it say?

Yes, candles are required by ASTM International to have a fire safety label that includes three basic warnings: burn within sight, keep away from flammables, and keep away from children and pets. We sell pre-printed candle warning labels with all the necessary verbiage.

Can I order custom candle labels?

Yes. Once you find your label, click "Choose Options" then select "Custom Labels." Choose your label material and quantity, then upload your artwork and we will print them for you! You can also visit our custom label quote page for all of our printed options.