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Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink sleeves contour perfectly to your containers and offer great protection against moisture and handling. A recommended packaging solution for mid-to-large businesses.

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Custom Printed Shrink Sleeve Label Example
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Why Choose Custom Shrink Sleeves?

Custom printed shrink sleeves elevate product packaging with full-coverage branding.
improved sales from attention-grabbing packaging that creates stronger emotional connections with consumers*
product coverage, perfectly contoured to your container
*AC Nielsen Consumer Study, 2010, SoBe® “Lifewater®” case study
Increased real-estate for real results!
150% increase in label area over traditional pressure-sensitive labels
Traditional labels are applied on the front of the packaging, covering only:
40% traditional label area
Shrink sleeve labels surround the packaging, covering:
+150% more label area
  • Protects against moisture and abrasion
  • Specialty capabilities like metallic effects, textured printing, perforations, tamper-evident shrink bands, and multi-packaging
Shrink sleeve on an energy drink can.
Shrink Sleeves for Cans
Shrink sleeve on the neck of a bottle.
Tamper-Evident Shrink Bands
Shrink sleeve holding two bottles of hot sauce together.

Easy Onboarding, Outstanding Results.
Here's how we do it.

  • 1
    We'll have you send some samples of your container so we can 3D scan it and get the measurements.
  • 2
    Pick Materials
    Using the dimensions, we verify pricing and determine which of our materials will offer the best results.
  • 3
    Receive Test Sleeves
    We'll send a few “grid-test” sleeves to you or your co-packer to test on your container.
  • 4
    Once you give us the thumbs-up, we'll print, cut, stack, and ship your sleeves ready-to-shrink. We'll provide a template from the approved grid test where your artwork can be placed.
Shrink sleeve label design file along with the final result on a can.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shrink Sleeves

  • What is a shrink sleeve?

    Shrink sleeves are popular packaging materials that fit over a container. The film material is then shrunk down to conform to the product. This process is done with a tool called a heat tunnel.

  • How do you know the shrink sleeve will fit my container?

    One of the main benefits of shrink sleeves is their ability to form fit almost any container. Our account specialists will work with you directly to ensure you get the right fit for your container.

  • Are shrink sleeves waterproof?

    Yes! Printed shrink sleeves are one of the most durable packaging solutions for products. Because they're film products, they hold up well against moisture, oils, chemicals, and frequent handling.

  • What kind of shrink sleeve products does OnlineLabels offer?

    In addition to standard shrink sleeves that fit almost any container, we also offer:

    • Tamper-evident shrink bands - These film seals fit over necks and lids, keeping your products safe.
    • Multi-packaging - Pack your containers together with shrink sleeves that conform to a case.
    • Shrink sleeves for cans - Save money with printed sleeves to wrap around your short or tall cans.
  • Do you provide samples and proofs?

    Our standard practice for all new projects is to provide a digital proof for approval before sending it to press. Once you receive the proof, you can verify the size, shape, and content (spelling and graphics), then submit any revisions so that we can make adjustments before moving the project to press.

    Verifying these details allows us to get your order to you correctly the first time, avoiding unnecessary delays and time spent reprinting while you need your labels.

    We're happy to provide samples of materials or previously printed work at your request. Just fill out the form and let us know that you're interested in samples, and one of our sales representatives will reach out to you.

  • Can I add texture to shrink sleeves?

    Yes — and if you're in the market for shrink sleeves, adding texture is a unique decoration that can set you apart from the rest. This process requires the purchase of a special print cylinder that's unique to you and can be used over and over again on all orders of that same design.

    We add texture by using a Rotary Screen Integration (RSI®) system which has the capability to create:

    • Raised ink deposits
    • Finely detailed lines and shapes
    • Tactile raised images
    • Hologram imitations
    • 3D effectsSecurity features