Customer Reviews & Testimonials

I love online labels. The price is right and the labels are fantastic. I receive my labels fast. I also use their nutrition facts. Great company I recommend Online Labels to many others, it is SUPER. Brenda
Tears of Joy
As I create labels for my business and I am sitting here with tears running down my cheeks...TEARS OF JOY! After using Avery for the first three years of our business, I had lost all hopes of ever mastering labelling. With the new program changes and the continued problems associated with Avery, I tossed everything in the trash and re-purchased my ENTIRE stock from Online Labels. I have yet to have one misprinted label, the Maestro program NEVER glitches and I can save my labels into folders. AND the countless hours of aligning labels? NO MORE - these labels align perfectly!!!!! My order shipped the same day and arrived within 3 days! My labels were in an awesome plastic tub, separated by label number. Online labels has my business for life! I can't begin to imagine the savings in labor, ink, label sheets etc this change has saved me!
Best service
I love I'm a small business owner footing the bill for everything I buy and when it came down to purchasing labels, I'm glad I found them. Their labels are the best and they always put in a little extra. I really appreciate their great customer service and I will always buy from them.
Labels Designer
I reached out to OnLine Labels to see if they designed labels. They directed me to Marlee Goodnight in Pendleton, Oregon (as our company is in Oregon). SHE WAS AMAZING in her design for our outdoor labels. She took the time to design these labels for our company, ordered waterproof, extra sticky labels from OnLine....they work like a charm. We have gotten a lot of compliments. Thank you Marlee!!!! Would recommend her in a heartbeat!
Great Quality
I have ordered a few times and I can say OnlineLabels has the best sticker label quality out there! Although shipping to SG is relatively costly, the overall pricing is comparable to other brands which i can get locally. Shipping time is acceptable too (within 10 days to SG, and 3 days with FedEx). I'll definitely be returning for new orders soon! Thanks OnlineLabels!
Excellent Service!
As a customer I appreciate the extra mile, the fast shipping, the attention to detail; all wonderful marks of a great company! And as a small business, I aspire to achieve this level of service and commitment. Thank you for your excellent service, I highly recommend this company!
Great Customer Service
Shipment carrier lost a critical shipment of labels we needed for a product launch. Online Labels immediately sent out a replacement order. Everything was resolved in one phone call. Great customer service! Thanks Gabby.
All I can say is amazing! Order my labels and the next day they are at my house! Love that there are so many options too!! Plus the price is great too and I am in Canada!
Great service
I have ordered from Online Labels several times over the past two years and have always been very satisfied
In love!
I love everything about OnlineLabels. Excellent selection and availability, low prices, reward coupons, online software, fast shipping... I recommend OL to all my friends and fellow small business owners.
I found this company online and have been with them ever since. They have the best pricing on any quality labels you may need. The service and delivery is exceptional. We will be with this company for all of our labels for the duration!
Exceptional Service
Online labels is my only source for labels because of their excellent customer service and fast shipping.