Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Amazing Selection and Super-Efficient Service
Earlier this week -- within 3 days of our order -- we received what I'm sure will be the first of many label shipments from! Given the price of other competitors out there, we are pleasantly surprised by your quality and amazing selection of labels at such great prices. We adapted our box label using Maestro (far easier in terms of alignment than MS Word or PDF formats) and are so pleased by the more professional appearance you help us convey with our produce. Many THANKS!
Tea Labels
I found online labels a couple of years ago when i decided to start bagging and branding our own line of loose teas. Since then i have branded everything in our shoppe thanks to the ease of their label designer from our shopping bags, cakes, scone mix to name a few. I love that i can add pictures to my designs making them even more unique to us. Thank you Online Labels you rock!!
Always amazing service
I use these labels for work (we mail a lot!) as well as order the big full sheets for printing custom stickers - I love the customer service and quick shipping. Amazing options as well! Before I ordered a few years ago they also sent me samples to try out. I always tell people at work if they go anywhere else they are crazy and same thing for anyone who wants to print their own stickers.
I've continually purchased hundreds of labels in varying finishes. I've always had the absolute best customer service. Extremely fast shipping. Prices are always on point. It's such a great feeling when customers tell me how amazing the quality of my stickers are. I owe that to online labels. :)
I have had several orders placed. The company is very professional and efficient. I'm very pleased with their products and services. This company receives my highest recommendation.
product labels
GREAT company. Great products!
Product Labels
We have just recently found and we have been thrilled with the amazing service that they provide. We can get anything we need, the prices are great, and the service is impeccable! We have no complaints whatsoever. The shipping is fast, they are extremely generous, and their site is easy to maneuver. So happy that we found this company and we will most definitely be returning customers!
Online Labels
I'm so happy I've found Online Labels. Their labels are high quality and the service is very prompt. The labels for my small business look professional, resist fading and do not smear. Great products!
I love online labels. The price is right and the labels are fantastic. I receive my labels fast. I also use their nutrition facts. Great company I recommend Online Labels to many others, it is SUPER. Brenda
Tears of Joy
As I create labels for my business and I am sitting here with tears running down my cheeks...TEARS OF JOY! After using Avery for the first three years of our business, I had lost all hopes of ever mastering labelling. With the new program changes and the continued problems associated with Avery, I tossed everything in the trash and re-purchased my ENTIRE stock from Online Labels. I have yet to have one misprinted label, the Maestro program NEVER glitches and I can save my labels into folders. AND the countless hours of aligning labels? NO MORE - these labels align perfectly!!!!! My order shipped the same day and arrived within 3 days! My labels were in an awesome plastic tub, separated by label number. Online labels has my business for life! I can't begin to imagine the savings in labor, ink, label sheets etc this change has saved me!
Labels Designer
I reached out to OnLine Labels to see if they designed labels. They directed me to Marlee Goodnight in Pendleton, Oregon (as our company is in Oregon). SHE WAS AMAZING in her design for our outdoor labels. She took the time to design these labels for our company, ordered waterproof, extra sticky labels from OnLine....they work like a charm. We have gotten a lot of compliments. Thank you Marlee!!!! Would recommend her in a heartbeat!
Best service
I love I'm a small business owner footing the bill for everything I buy and when it came down to purchasing labels, I'm glad I found them. Their labels are the best and they always put in a little extra. I really appreciate their great customer service and I will always buy from them.