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Weatherproof Polyester Laser Labels

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Protect against water, weather, and more with our highly durable polyester labels.
Avoid smearing, tearing, and peeling with labels and adhesive that are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Print them yourself or order custom printed by us.
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Rectangular Labels with Rounded Corners

Create the perfect label for your project with these rounded corner rectangle labels in weatherproof polyester laser.

Rectangular Labels with Square Corners

Accentuate your design or container with these weatherproof polyester laser, squared corner labels.

Circular Labels and Oval Labels

Impress customers, recipients, and friends with these round, weatherproof polyester laser labels.

Media Labels

Add a personal touch to your CDs, DVDs, and disks with these blank weatherproof polyester laser labels.

Barbell Labels

Unique Labels

Create one-of-a-kind labels with these printable weatherproof polyester laser stickers.

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Why Choose Polyester Labels?

Polyester is known for being a very durable and strong material. In clothing, we know it for its resilience to abrasion, mildew, chemicals, and more. Many of those valuable qualities can also be found in polyester labels.

These white labels are designed for rugged applications where a waterproof label is required. They repel everything from water to chemicals. From indoor to outdoor use, they will keep your text and designs intact and unharmed. They also conform and adhere easily to most materials including metal, plastic, and glass. The permanent adhesive won't peel up from its surface once applied and can resist tearing and ripping.

Weatherproof Label Uses:

Contact with Oil

If you’re labeling oil-based products, clean the intended surface before applying your labels. If oil is present, the labels may not adhere properly. During use, you should also clean up any oil that drips or spills on the labels. The oil can loosen the adhesive and cause your labels to peel up. At the same time, the oil may affect your design. The facesheet of our material can withstand light contact with oil but the toner used by your printer may not.