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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Waterproof Labels

Updated 12/06/2023
Waterproof Labels 101

Waterproof labels are a necessity for businesses using labels for demanding applications or in moisture-rich, wet environments. They're some of the most durable materials in our label portfolio and can hold up well in a number of different situations.

Continue reading to learn more about our premium waterproof/weatherproof labels including how they work, their benefits, your material options, common uses, and frequently asked questions.

How Weatherproof Labels Work

Our weather-resistant labels were created with the most demanding jobs in mind. They feature durable, film facesheets to maintain the integrity of your print and extra-strength adhesives to prolong adhesion to your destination surface.

For inkjet printers, there's an added topcoat which encapsulates the ink and repels water. After the ink dries and the topcoat seals it in, your print won't smear when touched with a wet hand.

For laser printers, the toner is already waterproof so no additional coatings are needed. This makes laser-printed labels more durable than their inkjet counterpart. In addition, laser toner will last longer in outdoor environments as it won't get bleached out by the sun the same way ink will.

Weatherproof Label Benefits

Here are just a few things you can look forward to when using weatherproof labels from

  • They're waterproof
  • They're made with a strong, permanent adhesive
  • They hold up in a wide array of temperatures
  • They're high quality without sacrificing aesthetics
  • Logos, designs, and text stays legible
  • They're resistant to scuffing, tearing, and smudging
  • You can use them with your current labeling process – they're available as sheets and rolls

Weatherproof Label Material Options

Don't settle with the small selection of waterproof labels at your local office supply store. We offer a variety of waterproof label materials that will put up a good fight against water and weather.

Weatherproof White Matte Labels (WJ)

Water bottles with weatherproof white matte inkjet labels

Our white weatherproof matte labels for inkjet printers utilizes a water-fast inkjet coating and has a strong, permanent adhesive. It offers the perfect bright white backdrop for full-color designs. It's also tear-resistant and can easily adhere to many surfaces including metal, plastic, and glass.

Weatherproof White Gloss Labels (WI)

Honey jar with weatherproof white gloss inkjet label

Our white gloss labels for inkjet printers offer a glossy appearance combined with our water and tear resistant material. Their white background is perfect for producing beautiful images and allows them to stand out on all surfaces.

Weatherproof White Semi-Gloss Labels (LP)

Shampoo bottles with weatherproof white semi-gloss polyester labels

Our white weatherproof polyester labels for laser printers are ideal for tough applications. The material does not easily tear and can adhere to most surfaces. Made from a bright white facesheet, your designs will pop off the page.

Weatherproof Clear Gloss Labels (CL)

Beer bottles with clear gloss laser labels

Our clear gloss labels for laser printers are crystal clear with no frosty appearance. The transparent polyester material has a permanent adhesive, is incredibly durable, and possesses a strong resistance to water. These labels are great for creating the "no-label look" since they're completely transparent.

Weatherproof Clear Matte Labels (CX)

Spice jars with clear matte laser labels

Our clear matte labels for laser printers are made from a slightly frosted polyester material with permanent adhesive. They have an excellent resistance to water and are very durable. They're translucent appearance blends well into most surfaces, creating a very professional look.

Weatherproof Metallic Silver Labels (SP)

Bar of soap with a weatherproof silver polyester laser label

Our silver polyester labels for laser printers have a brushed silver finish with permanent adhesive. The polyester material doesn't easily tear and performs well in a wide range of temperatures. The material is popular for label applications where high durability is important or a waterproof label is required. It's also an excellent choice for asset tagging with its strong adhesive and durability.

Glossy labels are quite popular in a number of industries. Learn more about gloss label benefits.

Common Uses

Weatherproof materials continue to be popular with our customers because they can be used for such a wide variety of applications. Use them for the following jobs.

Bath & Body Product Labeling

Labels on bath and body products

If you're creating bath and body product labels that will end up in the bathroom or by a sink, these weatherproof materials will keep your customers happy. No more bleeding ink on their hands, staining the surface where the container sits, or leaving them with an unidentifiable product. These labels will withstand the heat and water of a shower, heavy handling, and more.

Beverage Product Labeling

Labels on bottles

Make sure your bottle labels stand up to the constant run-in with wet hands or the condensation that forms from going in and out of a refrigerator. Condensation or "sweating" won't affect our weatherproof labels, so you'll have a professional look and lasting impression whether your labels are in the fridge, freezer, cooler, or someone's hand. They work great with beer, liquor, water, and wine – plus whatever other product you can bottle!

Food Product Labeling

Labels on food packaging

Don't let your hard work making custom food labels go to waste. Create a label that will stick to your product without falling off getting sticky themselves! Our professional-quality labels work great with honey, jams and jellies, bbq sauce, hot sauce, and more.

Shipping Labeling

Cardboard box and blue envelope with shipping/mailing labels

Your packages go through quite a journey on their way to the customer. Ensure it arrives safely and to the right destination with shipping and mailing labels. These materials won't tear or smudge as they work through the automatic sorting machines, hot and cold temperatures in transit, and heavy handling by carriers.

Outdoor & Warehouse Labeling

Labels on warehouse racking

Warehouses and the outdoors can be a very volatile environments so you need labels that are just as tough. Whether it's hot, cold, raining, or dusty, our weatherproof labels will hold up to industrial or environmental conditions while preserving your message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to popular questions to know which products are right for your application.

Do I need a weatherproof label?

If your label will come into contact with moisture or liquids, it's recommended you use weatherproof labels. The same can be said if your label will be exposed to extreme high/low temperatures or if it's likely to tear, scratch, or be worn down throughout its lifespan.

It's probably unnecessary, however, for consumer-oriented projects like party favor labeling, pantry labeling, or planner stickering.

How do you print waterproof labels?

All of our waterproof labels are printable using your standard home or office printer. Create your design using Maestro Label Designer or your preferred platform and print them as normal. They were formulated specifically to accept printer ink/toner and still be resistant to water and other conditions.

Can I make labels waterproof?

Waterproof labels typically include an extra-strength adhesive, film-based facesheet, and sometimes even an additional topcoat. Together, these features make a label material waterproof.

However, you can waterproof your printed design on a standard label material. You can add your own topcoat spray (choose one with a clear gloss finish) or apply an overcoat sheet (try our clear labels).

If you need labels that hold up to extreme use, learn more about our most durable materials. You can also order custom-colored labels and custom sizes if you can't find what you need.

Have your design ready to print? Skip the hassle of printing your own labels and send your design to us so we can print it for you. When starting your custom printed labels order, consider choosing to print on rolls, as we offer both our white weatherproof and clear weatherproof materials on rolls.

Or, do you need printed waterproof labels for a large scale order? Shop custom film/bopp labels today.

Our customer service team is happy to help find the right label for your project. Call 1-888-575-2235 for more details.

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