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Amanda Pilarski

Posen, MI, USA (EST)
Product/Packaging, Typography, Logo Design, Advertising, Graphic Design, Label Design
Starting price: $100.00
Write about myself?! YIKES! we go...In high school I decided I wanted to be a Graphic Designer, even after my grueling Advertising Design class with Mr. Keech. He made you realize in the first week what it meant to be in this industry. I quickly learned that it wasn't for the faint of heart and required thick skin. After many super fun college years at Eastern Michigan University I worked all over Southeast Michigan. I have been so fortunate to always work as a designer. One of the things that I love the most about what I do, is that I get to meet so many different people. You can not really design something unless you understand what the person or business is about. I am not interested in a get rich quick style of working with my clients, and it is important to me that my clients are happy.

What? Really, a person who does business with integrity? YES - I really do, and I will never surprise you with an unexpected invoice. I will talk with you through whatever design project we are working on together and work out all pricing ahead of time. My plan is for you to have FUN - design is fun, creative and exciting. I want you to enjoy every part of the process and when I send you a proof it is like getting a present. I will help you and guide you in whatever way you need. I will do exactly as you ask or take my extra creative spin on a project...It’s really up to you.

My work is completed in Adobe Creative Suite - including Photoshop - InDesign - Illustrator. Websites are completed in the content management system of your choice, but I do recommend Wordpress; unless something else super amazing is developed next week.

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