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Personalize your handmade soaps with professional bar soap labels.
Brand your business, identify different products, or create messages with blank and custom soap labels that are sure to impress.
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Blank or Custom Soap Labels

Bring your soap label designs to life with printable sheets and high-quality professional printing. We carry a variety of materials and configurations perfect for handmade soap and soap businesses. If you make your own soap labels, pairing them with a brown kraft label is a great way to show off its rustic qualities. Or, you can wrap your soap in clear plastic and pair it with a clear or white label for a minimalist approach!

Need labels with extra durability for water resistance? Get your artwork professionally printed on custom rolls. Each custom roll label is laminated which locks in prints and protections against handling, moisture, and oils. They'll give your products an edge over the competition when displayed on store shelves and markets.

What label materials work best for soap labels?

Because the label will be removed before the soap is used, most label materials work great for soaps. Popular options include our standard white matte and brown kraft. These paper-based options give a more natural feel that complements handmade products.

What sizes work well for wrap-around soap labels?

One of the most popular handmade soap bar label types is the wrap-around label. These long, often decorative, rectangles wrap all the way around the bar and adheres to itself. You can use our printable ruler to measure the length around your soap to ensure you find a label that completely wraps around.

Can labels adhere directly on my soap?

You can adhere our permanent-adhesive and aggressive-adhesive materials directly onto your soaps.

Can I use your labels for liquid soap containers too?

Yes! Our blank and custom labels are great additions to soap bottles and dispensers. For containers that will be kept in the shower, we highly recommend considering ordering your labels on custom rolls. These include a layer of lamination for added durability.