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Shop by color, material, size or category. If you can't find the label you’re looking for simply consult one of our label experts. Want to try before you buy? Then place a sample request and we’ll promptly send a packet to meet your needs.

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We've made printing your own labels easy through Maestro Label Designer, or you can check out our blank label templates designed to specifically work with laser or inkjet printers.

Our templates are available in several different file formats including Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and Sure Thing Office Labeler—and they're free!



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Since our launch in 1998, we've sold over 5 billion labels and we've seen them used for just about every purpose- branding, categorizing, organizing, prioritizing, customizing and identifying.

We've seen our labels placed on automobiles, boxes, bottles, candles, cables, containers, files, folders, CD/DVD's, mailings and just about anything else you (or we) can think of!