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Wrap Around Candle Labels

Wrap your candle in a stunning, full-wrap label.

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Rectangle Candle Labels

Include all the necessary information on your candle with these rectangular candle label sizes.

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Square Candle Labels

Use square labels to show off your candle handiwork or beautiful container.

Round Candle Labels

Find the perfect circular label for your candle jar or lids.

Oval Candle Labels

Complement the shape of your candle jars with sleek, oval-shaped labels.

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Photo Credit: Artisan Candle Company

Labeling Your DIY or Specialty Candles

Whether you're selling candles at the farmers market, handing them out as gifts, or packaging them up for store shelves, a high-quality label can be the perfect finishing touch.

We offer high-quality, customizable labels for your candle tins, votives, jars, and more. Our 40+ materials work with inkjet and laser printers and are ideal for creating stunning, full-color graphics.

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to complement your candle and container. Consider a larger square label for the front of your candle and smaller round labels for the lid and safety sticker. You have plenty of space to brand your product, don't be afraid to use it.

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