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5 Innovative Ways to Label Your Candle Products

Updated 10/09/2020
Unique and creative ways to label your candles

More and more business are looking to adding handmade soy candles to their product line. There are plenty of small businesses that offer amazing candles for your home that are also safe for your health and environment.

Are you one of those companies or do you simply love to gift homemade candles to loved ones?

Either way, I'm showing business owners and creatives five different ways to label candles. All of the labels featured in today's post are also available for free download. They're modern, clean, and eye-catching without taking away from the candle.

Free candle label printables for your Etsy shop, small business, or gift giving

It's time to give candles the attention they deserve. So here are my top 5 candle label ideas. They're great for displaying in a storefront window, taking pictures for your online store, and ultimately finding a spot in someone's home as home décor.

Ways to label candle jars for sale or gifting

1. Place A Label On Your Candle Jar Lid

Candle label lid: labeling idea

Apply a label to the lid of your candle. provides plenty of lid labels to choose from, depending on the shape and size of your lid. This is a great option if the container for your candle has a design and you don’t want to cover.

Label & Template Used:

2. Wrap A Label Around Your Candle Jar

Wrap-around candle label: labeling idea

Using a long rectangule, create a wrap-around label for your entire container. This is great if you want to add branding that can be seen from all sides of the candle or if you simply love this look.

Label & Template Used:

3. Add A Small Front-Facing Label

White candle label: labeling idea

For a clean and simple look, apply a smaller rectangle label to the front of the candle. It adds just enough branding without it being overwhelming.

Label & Template Used:

4. Use A Clear Label

Clear candle label: labeling idea

The color of the candle deserves to be shown for some because it's part of the branding. Sometimes the color just needs to become part of the home décor just as much as the scent. In this case, use a clear label to add the company branding while still allowing the color to shine through.

Label & Template Used:

5. Attach A Cardstock Tag

Cardstock tag around candle jar neck: labeling idea

Maybe a label isn't needed at all due to a design on the container or because of preference. In this case, attach a printable cardstock tag using a piece of twine that matches the branding colors of the company. This is a fun way to still attach the business logo on the product without having to use a label.

Tag & Template Used:

The goal of this blog post is to inspire those that want to kick their candle packaging up a notch. Use one or mix it up by using them all! Want more inspiration? Hear label experts review candle packaging, explore great candle labels, browse candle label templates, and more in our content library.

Tip: Make sure to get the exact measurements before purchasing labels. For example, the circumference of your lid, your container for a wrap-around label, the height, etc. This will save a lot of time and possible frustration! Download our printable ruler if you don't have one in your toolbox.

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