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Add a lid label to your product to highlight important information or reinforce your brand.
Top off your jar, container, or bottle with blank and custom printed lid labels.
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Label Your Product From Top to Bottom

Your product lid can serve as the primary labeling surface or an added bonus space. The lid should include your primary label if you’re using a container without much vertical space or your product will be viewed predominantly from the top - think bath and body products, for example. In this case, be sure to include standard information consumers might be looking for: brand, product name, unique characteristics, net weight, contact information, ingredients, etc.

The lid should be your secondary label when you have a larger surface available. Instead of fitting crucial information on the top, use this space to drive home your brand, add scent or flavor icons, include expiration dates, and more.

Our lid labels come in a variety of materials perfect for achieving any look. Shop popular label materials like brown kraft and clear labels, or browse our waterproof label materials. Apply your labels with confidence knowing they adhere to most surfaces including metal, plastic, glass, tin, paperboard, and more. Also see our canning labels page for more complementary labeling products.