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20+ Free Label Templates For Valentine's Day

Updated 01/17/2023
Free label templates you can use to celebrate Valentine's Day and other romantic occasions

Shower the special person in your life this Valentine's Day with personalized labels and gifts. We pulled our favorite label templates for Valentine's Day so you have everything right at your fingertips.

Each template can be customized to fit whatever theme or use you need. We've included gift tag stickers, wine bottle labels, address labels, and more for those who love love!

Once you found a template you like, launch Maestro Label Designer (our online design software) to customize the colors, shapes, text, and more. Then, simply load our label sheets into the printer and make your custom stickers.

Looking for other love-themed templates? Browse our selection of wedding label templates and anniversary label templates.

Valentine Candy Label Printables

Free label templates you can use to decorate Hershey's Kisses and chocolates for Valentine's Day

Whether you're giving chocolates to everyone in your child's classroom, putting them out in your house for decoration, or gifting them to someone special, these printable candy labels are sure to warm someone's heart. Use with candy bars, Hershey's kisses, and other delicious sweet!

Sending candy to school with your child? Label lollipops or check out this easy Valentine gift box tutorial.

Valentine Address Label Templates

Free label templates you can add to cards for Valentine's Day

Brighten someone's day with personalized, heart-filled address labels. These templates can be customized to include the destination address or printed in bulk for use as return address labels.

Valentine Bottle Label Templates

Free wine bottle label templates you can use to celebrate Valentine's Day

Raise a glass to each other. Customize and print these adorable bottle label templates to gift, enjoy together, theme a party, or decorate a table! Pair with wine bottles, water bottles, champagne, and more. Shop bottle labels to find the right size label for your beverage of choice.

Valentine Gift Tag & Label Templates

Free gift tag and sticker templates you can use to celebrate your love

Make sure your gift is clearly marked with these lovely templates. Print on cardstock gift tags or gift tag stickers for the utmost flexibility. Then tie or stick them to your gift!

Assorted Valentine's Templates

Free templates you can use to celebrate Valentine's Day

Share these fun stickers with friends, family, and your special someone! You can use them on V-Day or all year 'round to show the people in your life how much they mean to you.

Valentine Party Favor Templates

Free templates you can use for Valentine's Day party favors

Don't send guests home from your Valentine's Day party empty-handed. Print these templates on lip balm labels or mini hand sanitizer labels for party favors that rock.

Find even more design options in our full label template library. Launch Maestro Label Designer to customize the text, colors, fonts, and more. You can even change the label size/shape using the "Change" button at the top of your canvas.

Have other labels you want us to print for you? Get professional labels delivered to your door with custom printing.

Free label templates for celebrating Valentine's Day in your home, classroom, or office

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