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Personalize your lip balm tubes, tins, or containers. Compatible with popular brands like ChapStick, Burt's Bees, and more.
Breathe new life into your lip balm with blank and custom printed labels that fit almost any lip balm or lip gloss tube.
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How do I know which label material works for lip balm tubes?

Because lip balm tubes face frequent handling, we recommend using a material with a stronger adhesive. Any material from our weatherproof material line will be durable enough to use for your lip balm labels and prevent peeling and tearing.

Should I purchase a label with a tamper-evident tab?

Using a label that comes with a tamper-evident tab is not mandatory, but may be something to consider. It will let your customers know that the lip balm hasn't been tampered with, and can also help to keep your product fresh.

How do I properly apply lip balm labels?

For the straightest results, apply from the middle of the label first and work your way out to the sides. If your label has a perforated top, try using that as a guide. There should be some overlap in the back. This method should work for a variety of tube brands such as ChapStick and more.

What size lip balm labels work for which tube?

Our lip balm label sizes are categorized based upon what size lip balm tube they would fit the best. Check out the chart below for a visual of different lip balm label sizes on their matching tubes.

Lip balm labels with overlap on tubes.