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Free Downloadable Shipping Label Templates for Small Business Owners

Updated 05/23/2023
Shipping label templates for small business owners

Shipping and fulfillment is an important part of any product-based business process, and we want to help you do it correctly. There’s a lot to unpack here, but we’ve got you covered with these free shipping label templates, and links to other helpful business shipping guides and resources.

How to Make Shipping Labels

First you’ll need to know which shipping carrier, fulfillment platform (e.g., ShipStation, ShippingEasy, etc.), or online marketplace (e.g., Amazon FBA, Etsy, etc.) you’re shipping through. Each has a label generator you’ll need to use that’s specific to that platform.

Once you have your label generated, you’ll need to print it on a compatible label size. We break down compatible sizes for each carrier and platform in this guide to small business shipping. Not sure which material to use? We recommend using direct thermal printing because it’s fast, accurate, and doesn’t use ink cartridges which makes it more economical (and also means no smudging!).

Sometimes your generated shipping label will need to be reformatted to fit properly on your label — that’s where label templates come in. After you have your compatible size shipping label, you can find the matching label template. If you don’t see it listed below, use the small business shipping guide mentioned above, or browse all of our blank label templates. Once you download it, you can use it in a variety of programs, such as Microsoft Word and Maestro Label Designer, to add your generated label and reformat it.

Blank Shipping Label Templates

Shipping Labels

Mailing and Address Labels

Pre-Designed Shipping Label Templates

Want to add an extra something to your package? Whether you want to keep your cargo safe, or just spruce it up, these pre-designed shipping label templates are just what you need. All of these templates are personalizable.

Want to see more options? Browse all pre-designed shipping label templates.

We hope this article was helpful for you as you figure out the shipping process for your small business — and leaves you feeling ready to ship your products like a pro.

Need blank labels? Shop our shipping labels and mailing labels and find the one that suits your needs. Or, shop blank label rolls or fanfold label to find your label size on a thermal material for desktop label printers.

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