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Browse high-quality fanfold labels for your direct thermal or thermal transfer printer.
Find the right label size and material for your application from the variety of lay-flat labels below.
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High-Quality Fanfold Labels

Fanfold labels are great for on-demand label printing jobs like barcoding and shipping. They're available in more than a dozen sizes and a variety of material options to fit all of your commercial or small business labeling needs.

Use with all major direct thermal and thermal transfer printer brands including Rollo®, Zebra®, Sato®, and Datamax®. Simply insert the first label through the slit at the back of your printer and hit the feed button to pull the stack through. They sit neatly behind the printer and feed just like traditional label rolls.

Benefits of fanfold labels include:

  • More labels-per-stack than rolls
  • Easier storage
  • Fewer reloads
  • Less material curling
  • Self-stacking after printing
  • Less waste

Fanfold Label FAQs

What is a fanfold label?

Fanfold labels are labels that come in folded stacks as opposed to rolls wrapped around cardboard cores. They're designed to be fed through the back of direct thermal and thermal transfer printers.

What are fanfold labels used for?

Fanfold labels come in a variety of sizes for a number of different applications. Popular uses include barcoding, shipping, manufacturing, distribution, inventorying, and info labeling.

What printers models are compatible with fanfold labels?

All direct thermal and thermal transfer printers that feature a feed slot in the back and can accept 4" labels will work with fanfold labels.

What size operation should use fanfold labels?

Fanfold labels are great for entrepreneurs working out of their home as well as high-volume businesses. They're easy to use, offer consistently high-quality prints, adhere well, and are affordably priced.

What materials do you offer for fanfold labels?

We offer three fanfold label materials. Our standard permanent option features a bright white facesheet with a permanent general-use adhesive. We also offer a removable adhesive designed for short-term jobs and projects. For more technical or extreme uses, our weatherproof material offers a waterproof facesheet and adhesive.