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How to Find the Label Size You Need With the Printable Ruler

Using a flexible ruler to measure a round object

It's an age old question, "How do I measure my round items to find out my label size?" Well, we have an answer. The printable ruler is a useful tool that you can use to measure items that are straight, round, angular, or almost any other shape.

It wraps around items unlike a standard ruler. This is a quick tool you can use if you need an easy measuring solution or just don't feel like searching for some tape measure.

Be sure to measure and find the right size before you buy labels by downloading the free printable ruler below!

Download the ruler now!

Step 1: Print and cut the printable ruler

cut and print the ruler

The ruler is 10 inches in length to print on a standard 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. Don't worry! Most labels that are printable in your inkjet or laser printer are smaller than 10 inches. Cut the ruler exactly to size to make sure you get accurate numbers.

Step 2: Measure your item

measure your product

If you are measuring a round item, wrap the ruler around it. An item receiving a full wrap should generally have some overlap on the label. We recommend measuring with a quarter inch overlap.

For items with angles, try taping the ruler to the item to hold it in place while you wrap the rest.

Step 3: Pick the right label size

choose the right label size

Once you have your measurements, you can visit Shop by Size and adjust the slider or enter the exact measurements you need. If you can't find a label size for your product, we offer special and custom label sizes to browse or request. After that, all you have to do is pick a label!

Step 4: Apply your label for a perfect fit

apply your label

See how nicely your label fits on your product!

Conversion Chart

conversion chart

The printable ruler page includes this handy conversion chart as well, to help you determine what size to search for in decimals after you measure.

Choosing the right label size is easy when you have the right tools. Grab the printable ruler and get measuring, today! Once you have the right dimensions, find the perfect label.