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How to Find the Label Size You Need With the Printable Ruler

Using a flexible ruler to measure a round object

Over the years, our customers have asked us how they can accurately measure their rounded bottles and containers. Without the right measurements, they're unsure how to order labels that will fit.

To help solve this problem, we developed a free printable ruler. Simply download this PDF file and print it from your home or office. Then, wrap it around your object to get the exact dimensions. From there, you'll have no problem finding the right size label for your container!

About The Printable Ruler

Printable ruler for measuring curved and rounded objects

Our printable ruler is 10 inches in length to fit on a standard 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. Because it's printed on standard printer paper, it can bend and wrap to match any shape container.

Using Our Printable Ruler

Follow the helpful steps below to take detailed measurements of your container and thus find the appropriate label size for your product!

Measurements taken with this tool must be treated as estimates only. Because of the nature of paper, this document may expand or shrink during and after the printing process.

1. Open & Download the PDF

Click on the button below to open the PDF file containing our printable ruler. We recommend downloading the document and opening it in Adobe Reader as opposed to printing it straight from your internet browser.

Open our free printable ruler

2. Print Your Printable Ruler

cut and print the ruler

Once the printable ruler file is open in Adobe Reader, click "Print." In the dialog box that opens, check the settings to ensure it will print correctly. Under "Page Scaling," select "Actual Size" or "None." Next, continue to "Auto-Rotate and Center" and make sure the box is unchecked.

Continue to printing, then cut out your ruler using scissors.

3. Confirm Your Ruler Dimensions

Before measuring your object, confirm the ruler printed to scale. If you have a non-bendable ruler, use that to validate your printed version.

If you don't have a ruler handy, pull out your credit card. Credit cards have standard dimensions and are an easy way to check sizing. They are 3.37 inches wide, or 8.6 centimeters. Measure your card using your printed ruler to verify the increments are accurate.

4. Measure Your Item

measure your product

If you're measuring a round item, line up the red line with your starting point and use your thumb or finger to hold the end in place. Then begin wrapping. For items with angles, you may need to tape the ruler to your container to hold it in place while you wrap the rest.

5. Choose A Label Size

choose the right label size

Once you have your measurements, visit Shop by Size. Adjust the slider to narrow your options or enter the exact measurements you need.

If you want a full-wrap label for your product, we recommend adding an extra 1/4 inch to your width dimension.

Can't find a label size for your product? We offer special and custom label sizes. Search dimensions other customers have ordered or create your own.

6. Design Your Labels

While you wait for your labels to arrive, get started designing them! Everyone purchase includes access to Maestro Label Designer, online design software specifically for label design and printing. Check your order confirmation email for your unique activation code.

Launch Maestro Label Designer

7. Print & Apply Your Labels

apply your label

Use Maestro Label Designer and Adobe Reader for best results printing your labels. Then, start applying! Here are some helpful tips to help you through the process:

  • Clean your hands and containers
  • Stabilize your container in your label or on the table
  • Peel the label from the sheet (not the other way around)
  • Stick the middle of your label first, smoothing out toward the edges

Discover more label application tips.

Other Options

Make A Ruler Without Printing

Watch the video above for insstructions on how to use printer paper and a non-bendable ruler to measure your curved container.

Using A Standard Ruler

We love our printable ruler not only because it bends, but also because it converts the numbers to decimals for you. But if you're using a bendaable ruler already, here's how to convert the notches or fractions to decimals so you can determine the best label size for your project.

How to read a ruler. Process: Notches to fractions, fractions to smaller fractions, fractions to decimals.

Print your ruler today so you can finally measure all of your containers without frustration. After all, choosing the right label size is easy when you have the right tools. Grab the printable ruler and get measuring, today! Once you have the right dimensions, find the perfect label.