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18 Creative Honey Label Templates for Every Jar

Updated 05/28/2024

Spring cleaning isn't just for your house. Extend the tidying spirit to your business by streamlining your processes, decluttering your product room, and our personal favorite, freshening up your label designs!

Whether updating existing labels or crafting new ones, these 38-round label designs ensure your labels are as vibrant and organized as your freshly cleaned workspace!

Reasons Why Round Labels Can Boost Your Business

  • Aesthetic Appeal: round labels have the most balanced, clean appearance, which is especially important in crowded industries such as cosmetics, food, and beverages. The lack of sharp edges naturally draws the eye inward, making the design and text easy to digest.
  • Versatility: because of their symmetrical, simple shape, round labels fit nicely on various container shapes, including oddly shaped bottles, short and stubby cans, and funky jars.
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  • Brand Recognition: Starbucks, Facebook, Pepsi, Target… the list of round logos and labels goes on and on. Round shapes are memorable and distinct, making them easy to recall.
  • Space Efficiency: unlike the other shapes, round labels can be easily reduced to a small size, making them the most space-efficient on small products.

Now that we know what these labels can offer, let's explore some round-label templates that can be used (and customized) for your business.

Bath Bomb Label Templates

These minimalist labels will allow your product to remain the star of the show and can be a testament to the ingredients used to make your product.

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