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15 Businesses Thriving with Clear Labels

Updated 04/25/2024
15 Businesses that Use Clear Sticker Paper

Clear labels are a popular choice in product labeling due to its versatility and seamless blend. This material allows businesses to effectively showcase crucial information such as product names, instructions, and branding elements on packaging.

In this article, we’ll go through five industries that use clear labels for their products and provide three customer examples from each.

Cosmetics and Beauty Brands

Clear labels are commonly used in the cosmetics and beauty industry for labeling skin care products, makeup packaging, and beauty accessories. Here are a few examples of some industries that use clear labels to enhance their brand.

Beauty Mineral by Ludmila Premet

This all-natural beauty brand uses clear gloss labels for their products. The material helps the logo blend perfectly with the background, showcasing the smooth design.

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Unika’s Hand Cream by Patricia De Mare

This all-natural hand cream utilizes clear labels to showcase the ingredients and simplified product they are offering. Clear labels help entrepreneurs effectively display their product's information when placed against a light background.

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Zuzu’s Lip Balm by Diamonnique Ashley

This online lip balm business uses clear labels to enable their customers to see the actual product, while also showcasing the main logo and features of the brand. This material provides a seamless and professional look for cosmetic packaging, allowing for better visibility and aesthetic appeal.

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Corporate Branding and Marketing

Businesses across all industries use clear labels for corporate branding and marketing purposes. Clear labels can be applied to promotional items and merchandise to increase brand visibility.

Polkadot Paper by Paula McCoy

This paper company uses clear matte labels to showcase the logo of their company. Clear labels can be used on various packaging materials including glass, plastic and metal containers.

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Nails by Goddessss by Angela McClure

This small business uses perfectly clear gloss labels to create metal business cards for their company. This type of paper allows the freedom to create custom designs for specific purposes, whether it’s for presenting text, graphics or QR codes.

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Feedback Stickers by Monday by M

This small business uses clear labels to showcase a thank you note to customers. When placed against a light background, clear labels work well to display important questions or messages.

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Food and Beverage Industries

Businesses in this area use clear labels for product labeling, particularly on glass or translucent packaging for items like bottles, jars, and containers. Clear labels allow the product to be visible while also providing essential information such as ingredients, and nutritional benefits.

Sunrize Tea Gold Tin by Anya Grunewald

This hand-crafted leaf tea company demonstrates the proper use of clear labels by helping the logo stand out on the product. This material blends seamlessly into the package, enhancing the overall presentation.

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Raven’s Revenge by Roxanne Klein

This candy crystals company uses clear labels so the logo can be easily seen against the product. The transparency of this material allows consumers to see the food content through the label, which is particularly useful when a company wants to show colors and textures.

For more information: OL171CL, 3.75” x 2” rectangular shape, Clear Gloss Labels for Laser Printers.

Cookie Dough Cafe Jar by Joan Pacetti

This gourmet cookie dough company uses clear matte labels for brand visibility, while not obstructing the view of the product. This helps to increase brand visibility on store shelves. The laser-printable material is also durable and resistant to moisture, which ensures that the label remains intact and legible through the product’s shelf life.

For more information: OL125CL, 4” x 2” rectangular shape, Clear Gloss Labels for Laser Printers.

Crafting and DIY Businesses

Companies involved in crafting, scrapbooking, and DIY projects frequently use clear labels for creating custom stickers, labels, and decorative elements.

Crimson Moon by Lianna Cornelius

This small sticker business showcases a transparent look with clear gloss labels. This creates a professional aesthetic appeal, allowing the product label to seamlessly blend into paper, plastic or other types of surfaces to enhance the overall presentation of creative projects.

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Weatherproof Diary Stickers by YelB

This small business utilizes clear sticker paper for journaling. The material works perfectly because of its durability over inkjet-printable sticker paper. Additionally, it's weatherproof, which helps protect designs from smudging if applied to surfaces such as desks, notebooks, and water bottles.

For more information: OL177CJ, 8.5” X 11” printable sticker paper labels, Clear Matte Labels for Inkjet Printers.

Roses Sticker Sheets by Hannah

This small stationery serves as a perfect example of how clear labels can also be useful for layering designs. The product allows for easy layering of stickers within a scrapbook layout. Because the background remains visible, users can create illustrations by overlapping stickers without obscuring other elements.

For more information: OL175CJ, 8.5” X 11” printable sticker paper labels, Clear Matte Labels for Inkjet Printers.

Candle Businesses

Clear labels allow candle makers to create professional and attractive product labels that adhere seamlessly to candle jars. These labels can display important information such as the candle scent, ingredients, burning instructions, and safety warnings.

Lu Candle Co by Teilla Boyd

This small candle business showcases the idea that clear labels can adjust to many types of surfaces. Laser-printable clear labels are also durable and resistant to moisture and heat, making it suitable for candle labeling. With this material, clear labels can remain intact and legible throughout the lifespan of the candle, even when exposed to heat from burning.

For more information: OL330, 2” x 2” square labels, Clear Gloss Labels for Laser Printers.

Clean Haven Naturals by Charlene Clifford

This business of personalized birthday candles showcases the natural color and texture of the product, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. It'is highly recommended to use this type of material, if the candle has a shiny or smooth surface because it provides a sense of blending into the product.

For more information: OL2682CL, 2” circle labels, Clear Gloss Labels for Laser Printers.

Sweet as Pie by Jo Torija

This product represents the perfect example of brand awareness. Customized labels with the company logo or slogan, brand colors, or unique designs help to reinforce brand identity and recognition. Clear labels can also be used to present essential information such as fragrance, ingredients, burning instructions, and safety warnings.

For more information: OL291CX, 2.5” x 2.5” square labels, Clear Matte Labels for Laser Printers.

Harnessing the Power of Clear Labels

Clear sticker labels offer businesses a versatile and impactful tool for branding, labeling, and enhancing product presentation. Whether used by candle makers, food producers, or cosmetic companies, clear labels and sticker paper offer a seamless and visually appealing way to communicate with customers and elevate the overall brand experience.

For more examples on clear labels application, OnlineLabels provides a section of customer ideas using these clear labels.

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