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9 Candle Label Designs For 2020

Examples of product packaging for candles

If you're a candle maker or seller, chances are you're always looking out for industry trends and unique ideas. Below, we compiled some candle labels to inspire. Use them to reinvigorate your current packaging, spark a redesign, or even start a candle business.

Minimalist Wrap-Around Candle Label

Glass candle jar with a thin white product label situated at the bottom of the jar Label/Photo Credit: DEI Creative, The Dieline

The small label trend is especially prominent in the candle industry, as evidenced in the above product labels by DANI Naturals. Their label design features few details aside from the company logo and scent. All the text is printed in black ink, except for a small touch of color on the scent name.

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Colorful Patterned Candle Label

Crazy colorful candle jar + label designed for Urban Outfitters Label/Photo Credit: Joy Deangdeelert Cho, The Dieline

Designed for Urban Outfitters, this candle matches the fun, funky aesthetic of the store. It has tons of colors and patterns with textured fonts and varied label sizes. Cho used one label to cover the front panel of the six-sided jar, another to wrap around the circumference, and a third on the lid.

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Typewriter Kraft Candle Label

Amber candle jar with brown kraft label and simple typewriter font Label/Photo Credit: P.F. Candle Co., The Dieline

Another simplistic label, this one was instead created to appeal to everyone. The unisex label design by P.F. Candle Co. mimics the hand stamp used when the brand first launched. The old-fashioned font and earthy label pay homage to the humble beginnings of the company and stick with the company's natural look.

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Vintage-Style Candle Jar Label

Uniquely shaped candle label on glass jar with cork lid Label/Photo Credit: Studio Nudge, The Dieline

In a label reminiscent of vintage wine, Circle 21 uses recycled containers and eco-friendly cork lids to complement the inherent qualities of their candles. The label features a letterpress print style with predominately black and white text. The only color is the bright lettering identifying the scent.

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Bright & Happy Candle Label

This eclectic candle label design matches the goal of the company – to create something new and fresh. The color schemes are bright and happy with fun and bold patterns. They contrast nicely with the plain square labels used on the jars, so the candles stay eye-catching but not overwhelming.

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Write-In Candle Label

Glass candle jar with white product label where you hand-write in the scent and other details Label/Photo Credit: Durham Brand & Co., The Dieline

Nothing says handmade and poured with love more than a well-designed yet hand-written product label. The candle label features the company name prominently and then leaves adequate space to include the important details like fragrance number, name, and date poured.

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If you plan to write on your labels like Manitou Candle Co., check out our writing utensil comparison chart.

Triangle Candle Label

Glass candle jar with a triangular product label Label/Photo Credit: Stitch Design, The Dieline

Designed for an interior design firm, these candle labels are soft and inviting. Each label reflects a types of house, both in name and scent, but also in color. The design includes meticulous details such as burn time, pour number, location, and more. It also features subtle accents like the corner curves and dotted line separators.

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Soap Band-Style Candle Label

Candle jar packaging/container with a soap band-style product label Label/Photo Credit: The Dieline

The elegance of this candle is evident in every aspect of its packaging. The secondary outer packaging contains the main product label while the candle itself features only a small sticker. The product label is a custom die cut, shaped around the ornate script font. With only a few blacks and grays in the design, the colored scent name really pops and adds clarity.

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Round Candle Label

Glass candle jar with a round white product label Label/Photo Credit: Goodesign, The Dieline

This delicate product label features a light line border with surrounding dots and minimal content. It uses a variety of colors found in the outer packaging to tie everything together nicely. With such little content, it's interested to note that Kobo uses most of the space to name and describe the scent.

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Product labels are essential for your brand. Make sure you're putting your best foot forward with packaging that's affordable for your small business but still looks professional and makes a big impact.

For additional candle label inspiration, check out our Customer Ideas gallery. You can also connect with our customer service team to ask questions directly related to your project. Then, jump into our label design program (Maestro Label Designer) to put your ideas to work.

Examples of product label designs for candles

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