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How To Foil Sticker Paper Using A Foil Applicator [With Minc Heat Settings]

Updated 03/23/2023

The growing DIY market has made way for new trends and technology. Following the creation of electronic cutting machines and sticker paper, one crafter has reinvented another product: the laminator. When used with a laser printer, laser labels, and metallic foil sheets, these "foil applicators" can add sparkle and shine to any design.

Note: We do not recommend clear gloss laser labels to be used with foil applicators.

In the following article, we break down how to use our sticker products with the most popular foiler, the Heidi Swapp Minc™. You can also find directions for using it, custom foil sticker and label project ideas, and answers to questions asked by other foilers.

How to Cut & Foil Sticker Paper

Foiling sticker paper to make custom wine bottle labels Products used: OL162WS

Here's how to use OnlineLabels-brand sticker paper with your foil laminator when it comes time to make your own foiled stickers:

  1. Create your design in Maestro Label Designer, Silhouette Studio®, Cricut Design Space™, or the platform of your choice.
  2. Load your sticker paper into your laser printer.
  3. Print your design.
  4. Run the printed sticker paper sheet through your electronic cutting machine to create your custom sticker shapes (check our recommended sticker paper cut settings). *optional*
  5. Cut your foil down to fit the designed area of your sticker paper (if applicable).
  6. Lay the foil shiny side up on your sticker paper sheet.
  7. Add a strip of washi tape or other removable tape to the corners or edges to ensure your foil stays in place.
  8. Turn on your Minc™ and let it heat up.
  9. Place your sticker paper/foil set in the protective folder.
  10. Begin feeding your sheet set into the machine and let it pull them through.
  11. Set it aside for a few seconds to cool down.
  12. Slowly remove the foil layer by pulling from the top left-hand corner to the bottom right-hand corner.

Use this technique to create holographic foil stickers, metallic stickers, glitter stickers, and more.

Foiling Project Ideas

  • Sticker sheets
  • Return address labels
  • “Handmade with love” stickers
  • Product labels
  • Invitations
  • Promotional stickers
  • Quotes and inspirational prints
  • Birthday and greeting cards, thank you notes
  • Marketing stickers
  • Printable tags
  • Business cards
  • Planner stickers

Minc™ Foil Machine Heat Settings

Material Heat Setting
White Gloss Laser 2
Weatherproof Polyester Laser 2
Blockout for Laser 4
Clear Matte Laser 2
Weatherproof Silver Polyester Laser 1
Cardstock Paper 3

Foiling FAQs

Foiling printable cardstock paper to make custom gift tags Products used: OL267KW

Can I use your sticker paper materials with the Foil Quill, too?

Yes! We tested the Foil Quill with both our laser and inkjet-printable sticker paper materials and it worked with all of them.

How does the Minc™ work?

The Minc heats up the toner on your sticker paper making it sticky. The foil adheres to the tacky toner and you're left with your foiled design.

Does the foil only transfer to black toner or any toner color?

In may vary by toner or printer type, but in our experience, the foil sticks to all toner colors.

Can you apply different foil colors to one print?

The best way to apply different foils to the same sheet of sticker paper is to cut your foils to size and arrange them in your intended pattern on the sheet before you run it through your Minc.

How is a foil laminator different than a traditional laminator?

Technically, they're the same. The difference is that traditional laminators don't have different heat settings. The Heidi Swapp Minc™ foil laminator includes six settings so you can adjust how much heat is needed for each foil or destination.

What kind of printer do you need to use for the foiler to work?

You need a laser printer and laser-printable sticker paper for foilers to work.

Can I use large format in a Minc foiler?

The opening for the Minc is 12" wide, so anything smaller than that should be doable. Keep in mind, however, that the Minc protective folder is 12" by 14". You'd be able to foil an 8.5" x 14" sheet of sticker paper, but would need a longer envelope or an alternative method of protection to foil an 11" x 17" or 12" x 18" sheet.

Whether you're selling your foil stickers or using them to make beautiful crafts, the Minc is a great tool to enhance your sticker paper creations.

New to sticker paper, too? Check out our similar guide with sticker paper cut settings, project ideas, FAQs, and more.

Once you're done with your project, share it with us in our Customer Ideas gallery. Include photos of your creation and advice for other foilers out there!

Or, would you rather us foil your stickers and labels for you? Get that premium metallic look with cold-foil stamping. is not affiliated with Minc™, Silhouette®, or Cricut® brands. All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

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