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Intention Labels by The Empathy Kit - Label Ideas

by Veronica Koes

I create Empathy Kits for people going through the worst of times. Each candle in the kit comes with an Intention Label so the recipient sees a glowing message when they light it. I also sell candles apart from the Kits and create homemade natural lip balms with sophisticated, creative flavors.

How was this label used?

I use the labels to display an intention that is meant for the recipient which I call an Intention Label. I also use them for the candles that I sell aside from the kits.

Useful tips for this project

I've learned that the waterproof version is the best looking and stands up to outside conditions. Make sure you apply and press from the center out and ensure there aren't bubbles. If you need to remove them, soak a paper towel with vinegar, lay it across the label until it's saturated (the more time you give it, the easier it comes off), and then you can slide the label off using the paper towel! I have much better results when I print from my Mac. When printing from my PC, the colors come out darker for some reason.