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10 Jar Seal Templates To Keep Things Fresh

Updated 10/24/2022

You have your homemade product packaged in jars and embellished with a label you’re proud of. But why stop there? Adding an additional jar seal label not only is good practice to ensure safety and quality, but gives you extra creative space to design and personalize your jars. You can create your own starting with blank label templates, or make it easier by starting with one of our pre-designed jar seal templates!

All text is editable on these pre-designed templates, and you even have the option to go beyond just changing the text. Hit "Customize More" and the template will open in Maestro Label Designer where you can adjust fonts, change colors, add text, rearrange elements, and more.

Here are 10 that we love!

Lollipop Jar Seal Labels

These lollipop-shaped jar seals are perfect for just about any jar! The circular shape will fill out the jar lid nicely, and the rectangle coming off of it wraps down the side to create a seal.

Rectangle Jar Seal Labels

Standard rectangle labels are a great option for jar seals too. Position the label so that as much of it fits on the lid as possible, then wrap whatever remains down the side. Make sure it reaches past the lid and onto the jar itself to create that sealing effect.

Whether you want to add another special detail to your jarred products, or just want to keep them fresh, we hope you found the right template for you. Need black labels to print your template on? Shop jar seals labels.

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