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Billing / Ordering (18)

  • Can I cancel an order once it has been placed?
  • Can I change my order once it has been placed?
  • Can I have my order sent COD?
  • Can I use Paypal to pay for my order?
  • Can you accept a purchase order from a government agency such as a school or library?
  • Do I have to order over the Internet?
  • Do I have to pay sales tax on my order?
  • Do you have any special pricing for resellers?
  • How can I view a copy of my invoice?
  • How do I open an account for billing (Net 30)?
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Custom Printed Labels (22)

  • Do you recommend a specific image resolution for uploaded artwork?
  • How can I tell if the resolution of my submitted artwork is acceptable?
  • What is a die cut?
  • What is a bleed area?
  • What is an acceptable bleed area?
  • How can I freely scale my artwork to fit properly inside of the label area?
  • Why are there visible gray lines displayed on the PDF file when approving my artwork?
  • Will someone at review my artwork before my labels are printed?
  • What file types can I use when submitting artwork for a custom printed order?
  • Which color mode should I use when creating and submitting artwork for custom printing?
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Printing (13)

  • Can I print onto your laser material with an inkjet printer?
  • Where can I find specific printing instructions for the labels I ordered?
  • Why is the print scratching off my label sheets when using a laser printer?
  • Why is the ink smearing after I print on an inkjet printer?
  • Why do my margins appear slightly off?
  • Why won’t my label sheets load into the printer?
  • Why is my printer jamming?
  • I am trying to print out a sheet of labels, but it is not printing all the way to the edge of the sheet, is something wrong?
  • What is a monochrome laser printer?
  • Can I print onto your inkjet label material with a laser printer?
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Product Questions (25)

  • Are your removable labels available in a clear or colored material?
  • Can I get a sample of a specific product to try in my printer?
  • Can I order my labels in a custom color?
  • Can I run my label sheets through my laser printer more than once?
  • Do you have an order minimum?
  • Do you have any packs smaller than 100 sheets available at this time?
  • Do you have templates for formatting the labels?
  • Do you have waterproof labels?
  • Do you sell custom printed labels?
  • How are the labels packaged?
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RFID Labels (15)

  • What is RFID?
  • How does RFID work?
  • What is an RFID tag?
  • What does an RFID inlay consist of?
  • What are RFID inlay antennas made of?
  • How is an RFID tag encoded?
  • What is an RFID reader?
  • How does an RFID reader work?
  • What is a passive RFID tag?
  • What does UHF mean?
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Shipping (8)

  • Can I arrange for a Saturday delivery?
  • Can I pick up my order in person?
  • Do you ship Internationally?
  • How do I track my order?
  • How long will it take for my labels to arrive?
  • How much does shipping cost?
  • What if I need to make an address correction on my order?
  • When will my order ship?

Thermal Roll Labels (10)

  • Do I need a special printer to print on roll labels purchased from your site?
  • What is the difference between thermal transfer and direct thermal printing?
  • Are your thermal and direct thermal labels compatible with every printer?
  • What are some of the most popular applications that use thermal and direct thermal labels?
  • Are the thermal and direct thermal label materials compatible with inkjet printers?
  • What type of software will I need to print on your thermal or direct thermal label stock?
  • Can I print in color on thermal or direct thermal label stock?
  • Are samples available for your roll label products?
  • Do you offer weatherproof materials for Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal printers?
  • Can I purchase Thermal Printing Ribbons from

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