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Sunrize Tea Gold Tin - Label Ideas

by Anya Grunewald

Sunrize Tea offers a delicious selection of hand-crafted loose-leaf teas. With every teaspoon of tea, we strive to add a little more sunshine to your everyday!

How was this label used?

We print all of our labels on clear material and then apply it to our gold tin or kraft pouch packaging, giving the effect of label-less packaging. The use of clear materials also allows us to play with the color and texture of the actual packaging and design clear (appears white in our design software) openings on our labels where the gold tin can shine through, as evidenced by the leaves on our logo.

Useful tips for this project

The only downside to using clear labels is that fingerprints can often show through. This is not a problem on our kraft packaging given the matte finish; however, when not properly applied, one can see fingerprints on our shiny gold tins. In order to avoid this, it is best to grip the labels by the very edges and with fingernails if possible to prevent unnecessary marks.