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Home Ideas Crafty Cat’s Paw Print Bath Bombs

Crafty Cat’s Paw Print Bath Bombs - Label Ideas

by Mandi Farrell

Crafty Cats sells a variety of creative bath and home products. We use part of the profits to help local animal shelters and make a difference in our community. The logo featured on the product’s label is based off of one of our rescue cats. Crafty Cats is a one-women-show ran by Mandi Farrell.

How was this label used?

I designed a label with my logo, product name, and scent type. I ended up stripping the background back to white for a clean look that’s fun, but not overwhelming.

Useful tips for this project

When I first started designing my labels two years ago I was not very talented. My ability to design has evolved over time and I’m still getting better everyday. The best advice I can share is to never give up on your dream. Even if you can’t pick between a pink or blue background.