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6 Wedding Wine Label Ideas To Kick It Up a Notch on Your Big Day

Updated 10/12/2022
Wedding wine bottle label ideas to kick it up a notch

There are always so many creative wedding ideas and trends circulating, but there’s one in particular that’s gaining popularity — customized wine bottle labels! And for good reason. It’s an easy way to take your wedding to the next level, if the budget permits.

Think of the wine bottle as a blank canvas that you can tie into your big day. You can design wine bottle labels to serve whatever purpose you need. All you need is some blank wine bottle labels, a design software (like our own Maestro Label Designer), a printer, and of course, some creativity!

If you’re stumped on ideas, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with 6 of our favorites below. You’ll even find some pre-designed templates, making it all the more easy to get started.

Pro tip: Open any of our pre-designed templates in Maestro Label Designer for further customization of the text, design elements, colors, and more!

Invitation and Save the Date Label Templates

Wine bottle with burlap wedding invitation label

Using wine bottles as your wedding invitations or save-the-dates can be really unique — and fun for your guests! Depending on how many people you invite to your wedding, doing this could obviously overwhelm your budget. Determine how much money you have available to allocate to your invites. Then from there, you can figure out how many wine bottles you can afford and at what price.

Consider using mini wine bottles instead or full-size ones, or just giving these specialized invitations to your closest friends and family, whereas everyone else will receive paper invitations.

Here are some of our favorite pre-designed templates that can be used for this!

Bridesmaid Proposal Label Templates

Wine bottle laying on a blanket and other gifts, with green checkered bridesmaid proposal label

Make your bridesmaids feel extra special when you propose to them by adding a full size or mini wine bottle to your bridesmaid proposal boxes! And to go the extra mile, you can put a personalized label on it. Adding your own label allows you to tie in your colors too — the details matter!

Here are our favorite pre-designed templates:

Table Number Label Templates

Dark wine bottles with table number labels

We absolutely love the idea of using wine bottles with numbered labels as table number markers for your reception! It serves two purposes — it guides guests to their correct table, and allows them to serve themselves. For larger tables, make sure there's enough to go around by having multiple bottles spread throughout the table.

This is an easy and interactive way to get your guests excited about the reception. Here’s a template we love — just print on the correct label size and on a material of your choice (we recommend a weatherproof material, especially if the bottles will be chilled first), and voila!

Wedding Favor Label Templates

Pink wine bottle label with elegant wedding party favor label

What used to be a wedding standard is becoming less and less popular… and that’s wedding favors. Either guests totally forget about them, or frankly, just don’t want them. But if you give them something to take home that they can eat or drink, we promise it’ll be a hit!

That’s where wine comes in. Your guests will absolutely love a bottle of wine with a customized label to take home, and possibly even drink to finish the night off! You may be thinking that it’d be crazy to provide enough full size wine bottles for each guest or couple. If the budget permits, then go for it! But if that’s not doable for you but your heart is set on wine favors, consider using mini wine bottles!

Here are some of our favorite pre-designed templates to adorn your wine favors with. These templates were designed for standard size wine bottles, but you can change the template size by “Modify or Save This Design.” This will open the template in Maestro Label Designer. Click on “Change” located in the black bar across the top next to the OL number. We recommend using OL805 OR OL996.

Out of Town Guests

Show how much you appreciate your wedding guests that traveled so far to be there on your big day by having a little treat left for them in their hotel rooms. This will give them something to sip on and keep them busy throughout the weekend. For these wine bottle labels, you can totally personalize them however you want! Thank them for coming to your wedding, add your favorite picture of you together, or welcome them to the city/town! The possibilities are endless.

Bonus: Wine Bottle Guest Book

This is my personal favorite idea. How unique would it be to have a huge wine bottle for guests to sign as your guest book? Once you and your spouse are through with the bottle, hold onto it forever as a special memento. You can even add some twinkling fairy lights inside the bottle and have it as a sentimental piece of house decor.

The wine bottle guest book can be done multiple ways:

  • Have guests write directly on the bottle with metallic sharpies or paint pens. This looks especially nice against a dark wine bottle. Don’t forget to add your own wine bottle label with your names and wedding date on it (or whatever you want it to say)!
  • If you’re worried about the marker washing off, have your guests write on the label! Measure the bottle and choose a label size that will wrap around the entire bottle, and cover the body of it from top to bottom. You may need to cut your own label for this using a full sheet label, depending on the size. We think this would look great with a clear matte label. If you’re not sure what writing utensil would work best, check out our writing utensil compatibility chart for each of our materials.
  • Have a designated bottle for different marriage milestones and have your guests sign them! When you and your spouse reach these milestones and crack open your bottle of wine,it’ll be all the more special getting to read sweet messages from your closest friends and family from your wedding day.
Assorted wine bottles with floral marriage milestones labels

These are just some of our favorite ideas on how you can use wine bottle labels to take your wedding to the next level! We know whatever you end up choosing, your guests will love it!

Need labels for your project? Browse our selection of wine bottle labels and get started.

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