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Using the Custom Size Tool

Published 03/01/2013  •  Updated 10/12/2020
How to create any size label

We understand the importance of using the perfect sized label, and the frustration of not being able to find it. To make your labeling process easier and save you the anguish of searching for your specific dimensions, we've created a custom size generator. This article explores how to search through our Custom Size Archive and how to create your own custom size label sheets.

Search Our Custom Size / Shape Inventory

If you think your label configuration is common enough, you may be able to find the perfect configuration in our inventory without having to create your own. If you are able to use one of the pre-made sizes from our Custom Size Archive, you would avoid the one-time set up fee normally associated with creating a brand new custom configuration. Note: We do have a minimum order quantity of at least 100 sheets for these labels. There is also a specific return policy for custom items.

Step 1. Browse The Custom Size Archive

Configurations created by other customers are available for purchase. See what other businesses and individuals dreamt up and see if your perfect label is among the selection.

Step 2. Narrow Your Results

Use the filters to the left of your screen to help sort through the variety of options. You can search by label shape, number of labels per sheet, and more.

Step 3. Choose A Quantity & Material

Sizes from the Archive can be ordered in any of our standard materials. Once you've selected a material, choose your desired quantity to get pricing.

Step 4. Click "Add to Cart"

Acknowledge that you understand this qualifies as a custom size, add the item to your cart, and checkout.

Create Your Own Label

If you've had a chance to browse through our selection of standard labels and existing configurations in our Custom Size Archive and still can't find one that's perfect for your application, build your label size from the ground up. Launch the custom size quote tool.

Step 1. Choose Your Label Shape

Choosing a shape in the custom size label generator

The first step in creating your own custom size label is to select your desired label shape. You can choose whether you want to create a square corner rectangle, round corner rectangle, circle, or oval. If you need an irregularly shaped label size, we can do that too. Call our customer service team at 1-888-575-2235 to discuss logistics.

Step 2. Select Your Label Dimensions

Entering dimensions in the custom size label generator

Assuming your shape isn't irregular, you'll be prompted to enter the desired dimensions for your custom size. When entering your label width, label height, and corner radius, be sure the dimensions are entered in inches. You'll notice a preview of your label will begin to form on the right hand side of the screen. If you are satisfied with the appearance, click Configure your sheet to move on to the next step.

Step 3. Customize Your Label Configuration

Configuring your custom sheet layout in the custom size generator

The next few steps of the custom size process will allow you to edit the number of labels, label spacing, and page margins. The dimensions will be auto-generated to maximize the number of labels per page. If you want to change the way the labels will be configured on the sheet, you can adjust any of the numbers to the left of your preview. Once you're satisfied with the sheet layout, click Select a material to proceed to the final step.

If you experience grayed out numbers, your label will not accommodate another configuration on a traditional 8.5"x11" sheet. If you need your custom size on a larger sheet, fill out our large format sheet request form and a customer service representative will contact you to get started.

If you're looking for custom size labels on rolls, visit our custom size roll label generator. Not sure if you're ready to switch your business over to rolls? Learn more about both products and see which is right for your labeling needs with our article, Sheet Labels vs. Roll Labels: What's the Difference?

Step 4. Pick Your Label Material

Selecting a label material in the custom size generator

The final step is to select the material type that you’re interested in. You can find a description of the materials by hovering over them on a desktop or selecting them on a mobile device. You can also visit our materials page to view them all.

To the right of the material types, you'll find the custom size sheet pricing. This is for your review only, there is nothing to select in this column. When you're ready to advance to the next screen, hit Review your sheet.

Step 5. Place Your Label Order

Reviewing and placing your custom size/shape/configuration label order in the custom size generator

This screen will display all of the information you've entered for confirmation purposes. It will also give you the option to view a PDF preview of your proposed custom size. When you're ready to proceed with placing your order, enter your email address and click on Complete Your Custom Quote. This will send you an email to our team for review.

If you have any further questions about your custom size, you can contact us by calling 1-888-575-2235. Please be ready to provide your four digit die request number. Want us to do the printing, too? Let your customer service representative know during the process.

The prices included in this article are subject to change and should not be used as an accurate custom size quote.

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