How to Create PayPal® Shipping Labels

By Johnny Nieves

If you're selling on eBay®, chances are you're printing your UPS® shipping labels with PayPal®. We've put together this guide to tell you everything you need to know about using our special PayPal® shipping labels that will save yourself time and tape whenever you send out an order.

Printing from eBay®

In the "My eBay®" section, go to "Sold" and select each item you'd like to ship. Then, select "Print Shipping Label" under "More Actions."

After confirming the shipping information that will appear on the label, choose your shipping carrier from the "Carrier" menu. Verify your package weight and print.

Printing from PayPal®

After logging into PayPal®, find the sale you wish to print in your account summary and select "Ship."

Verify that the shipping addresses are correct along with the package information and hit "Print."

How to Turn Off Receipt Printing in PayPal®

When printing from PayPal®, sometimes you would like to turn off the receipt portion of your shipping label. Learning how to turn this off can save you a ton of time and labels!

To turn off receipt printing, first go to your account and choose "Seller preferences" under "Selling tools" on the left.

Choosing selling tools.

Toward the bottom, find "Update" next to "Shipping preferences." Select "Edit printer settings" under "U.S. Postal Service Preference."

Update next to shipping preferences
editing the printer settings.

Finally, uncheck the "Print Receipt" checkbox and save.

Uncheck print receipt checkbox.

Once your printing is complete, all that's left is to apply the label to your package and ship!