Water Bottle Labels

Customizable, Blank Water Bottle Labels

Bring your brand or announcements anywhere with personalized water bottle labels. Branded water bottles make a great first impression and offer a unique opportunity to reach people outside of traditional promotional items. They can be carried anywhere and, with our highly durable materials, they'll withstand smudging and peeling. Take the extra step and create custom water bottle labels for your company events, special occasions, weddings, and more.

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DIY Water Bottle Labels

Learn how to make your own water bottle labels

Creating and printing custom water bottle labels is easy with these five steps:

  1. Determine the length and diameter of your bottle using a printable ruler.
  2. Use your dimensions to find the right size label. Word of advice: If you're creating a full-wrap label, add an extra 1/4" to the length so that the ends overlap.
  3. Put your imagination to work with a blank template. You can also search for inspiration in submissions by our customers or start with a pre-designed template if that's easier. Take advantage of your access to Maestro Label Designer for designing, too!
  4. Learn more about printing on labels in our Label Learning Center's printing section.
  5. Apply your labels and admire a job well done.