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Wesley + Wade Candle Label - Label Ideas

by Elise Sanchez

When I started Wesley + Wade I knew that I wanted a wide variety of scents throughout the year so that I could release seasonal favorites frequently. Printing my labels allows me to print many different scent names as I need them instead of having to order labels that are printed for me. The quality of the weatherproof gloss keeps my labels looking professional and draws customers to my candles!

How was this label used?

I use the labels as the main label for my candles and wax melts to show customers the name of the scent, weight, company name and description of the product; soy candles.

Useful tips for this project

I use the Maestro Label Designer to print multiple scent labels per sheet! If I only need 5 Cashmere Plum that day, I can easily select only 5 to print at a time. This helps me save labels and get the most out of the page. I also use the save function to save print projects that I use often. For example, my most popular scent, Maui Mango Coconut, I print full pages of these labels often. I had a saved page in the label designer just for printing those labels. I get compliments regularly on the gloss of my labels. It is WELL worth it to pay for the premium Weatherproof Gloss Labels, trust me :)