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Home Ideas Waterproof Glossy Labels on Christmas Nut Cans

Waterproof Glossy Labels on Christmas Nut Cans - Label Ideas

by Jane Kuhl

Labelled my spiced nut cans with your waterproof glossy labels. OL162WI for the front of can, OL1555 for the back label. With a black background they work perfectly on the black glossy tin can. I have regular and Christmas versions made with my uploaded logo and your free Clipart choices. For the smaller white can, I used OL375WI for the lid and OL700WI for the side choosing white background and using several Clipart items to make it look "Christmasy."

How was this label used?

Front label OL162WI has the logo or Christmas flower and the weight, back label OL1555 has the ingredients and other legal requirements (address). For small can, the circle label is used for decoration and the rectangular labels for the information.

Useful tips for this project

Choose the background color to match the container and it looks like a custom printed can. Combine several clipart items and resize them, move them around, flip them etc. to create a "custom" design.