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The Burning Wic Candles - Label Ideas

by Crystal Randolph

The Burning Wic is a veteran-owned candle business specializing in hand-poured scented soy candles and more. Our products are crafted with natural elements, down to the 100% recycled labels.

How was this label used?

Labels are the first impression of any lasting relationship. They van either make a potential customer show interest or walk away. Our labels are designed to intrigue but maintain simplicity. They're fun and full of color to grab the eye and provide just enough pop! Available in 10 colors, each label is a nice representation of its fragrance.

Useful tips for this project

Our candles are made then labelled within 24hrs. We chose 100% recycled material because it ties in with our concept of all natural, renewable products. For the scented aroma beads, we chose OL325LP because it's waterproof and the jars come in contact with the fragrance oils directly. To preserve the label throughout use, it was a better choice.