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SeasonInn Label Upgrade - Label Ideas

by Paul Strasser

We are a seasoning company that creates blends made from real ingredients with no fillers or chemicals that allow you to make delicious healthy food. We needed to redesign our labels. Our logos needed a refresh as well as our label format. It only made sense to also upgrade the label stock we were using. The customer support people were a big help during this process.

How was this label used?

The OL125WI are the labels we chose for our seasoning bottles. We love them because we can print the labels on our Epson printer as we need them. They are waterproof and can be wiped off without smudging the label. They have a glossy finish that makes them look classy. They adhere to the spice bottles very nicely and this was a problem we had with a different label. On top of that they are not affected by humidity changes. That's important to us because some of our spices find their way to the shelves at open air farmer's markets.

Useful tips for this project

Based on my understanding, these labels require the use of pigment based inks. You need to check with your printer manufacturer to be sure of the type of ink available for your printer.