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Santa Stamps Gift Tag Labels - Label Ideas

by Jonathan Schmitt

In the past we had created smaller, personal versions of these Santa Stamps as a special way to show our kids their presents arrived straight from Santa and his elves. In using Online Labels, we were able to create these one of a kind, blind-embossed, scallop cut, self adhesive labels and sell them to the public. The stamps sell in sets of 6 and there are 4 different colors/Christmas symbols you can add to the stamps, allowing them to be identified per child and personalized with their names.

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To see more and purchase, visit our website (<br/><br/>The artwork and type were created by me ( and sent off to United Finishing & Diecutting in Cleveland, OH. They added the final effects, the blind embossing and scallop cutting. From there we fielded orders, rubber stamped and color coded by hand as well as hand-lettering the childrens names onto each set for shipping.<br/><br/>I will say that we tried to hand emboss this ourselves but the hand embosser didn't give us enough even pressure. Plus it would have killed our hands to do all of them! So in the end we did go with a printer for the last leg of work but it was money well spent, allowing us to focus our efforts on fulfilling and shipping orders.