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Product Labels by On Hand Lotions - Label Ideas

by On Hand Lotions

"Bright Star": I chose this name to honor all of the wonderful people in my life who shine so brightly, lighting the way for others and bringing joy and fresh hope everywhere they go. Little children and adults alike flock to these bright beauties but they would never give a closed tin a second look without a premium label. Maestro Label Designer puts professional, polished labels within reach of even a small start-up company like On Hand Lotions. Thank you for a superior product!

Useful tips for this project

-Print a test sheet on blank paper first, hold up behind a sheet of labels, and check alignment.<br/>-Don't be afraid to change it up! Most of my product labels have a recognizable but predictable layout, but the Glitter Stars deserved something special. The many fonts and image possibilities in Maestro Label Designer made it easy to create something new. <br/>-Use a glossy clear label over brown kraft for a polished professional look.<br/>-Have fun! :)