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Home Ideas Polish Your Parts Skin Lovin' Hand & Body Balm

Polish Your Parts Skin Lovin' Hand & Body Balm

by Rachel Huck

Polish Your Parts sells a variety of hand crafted, 100% all-natural skin care products on Etsy. We are a family owned small business run by the father/daughter duo Wayne and Rachel. We believe in only using the highest quality ingredients from around the world. Our mission is to reinvent everyday skin care so it is safe and inspires healthier habits in our ever growing customer base. Each sale provides diapers to babies in need through Happy Bottoms KC.

How was this label used?

We only get one chance to make a first impression and these Weatherproof Polyester labels hold up to many environments. The Skin Lovin' balms are stored in peoples pockets, cars, bottom of purses and roll around in drawers. They do not peel off, scratch or bleed which keeps them looking fresh! The colors stay brilliant and does not fade even with daily wear and tear, impressive!

Useful tips for this project

Polish Your Parts only use the Weatherproof Polyester labels due to the facts they are waterproof. We apply them by hand which can be tricky to get them even the first time. As long as we don't press they down too much we are able to reposition and line them up perfectly. Repositioning is a huge benefit and saves money because we not wasting labels. We have confidence knowing our product will look as good as the day it left our studio. Thanks Online Labels!