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Noomi Organic Peanut Butter - Label Ideas

by Krystina Murawski

Noomi [new-me] is an artisan producer of organic small batch peanut butter and lifestyle brand out of Hartsdale, NY. Noomi's vision is to inspire people to create their best life and pursue what they are passionate about—to find their “new me.” Our signature blend of organic peanut butter is hand-made with just five ingredients and sweetened with dates! It contains: USDA-certified organic dry roasted peanuts, USDA-certified organic dates, grapeseed oil, peanut oil and Atlantic sea salt.

How was this label used?

When you think Noomi, think "nutritious." It's a no "nutsense" product. Noomi peanut butter does not contain artificial sweeteners, refined sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils, or palm oil. We pride ourselves on the absence of these types of sugars and oils as it helps us create a more environmentally sustainable peanut butter and deliver on the high-quality, clean label products we promise to our customers. Online Labels helped us achieve exactly what we wanted in our labels: visual appeal, versatility, durability and quality. We have sourced labels through Online Labels for every size jar of peanut butter we've offered (i.e., 4oz, 8oz and 16 oz jars)--and the customer service has been excellent throughout the process. The label sizes are high quality, versatile, and have really given our product a professional and cohesive look-and-feel. We love having the ability to choose a label based on the specific dimensions using the "slider" tool on the website, especially since our jar sizes are somewhat unique; we were able to easily see our options and make an informed choice from the start. We're really happy with our finished product too. We always get complimented on how nice our labels look--and we couldn't agree more!

Useful tips for this project

Since our peanut butter contains oil, and is sometimes refrigerated by our customers, we needed something oil- and temperature-resistant as well as durable. The weatherproof polyester laser is the perfect choice material and has lived up to our expectations. We're very active in local outdoor farmers markets, and we're happy to report that our labels have even held up in the rain, without any damage. The adhesive is durable but also forgiving; so when we're initially labeling our jars, it's easy to put on the label, but just as easy to remove and re-position it as needed--and you don't have to worry about it losing its "stickiness" to the jar afterward. Our only tip would be to peel off the sheet labels slowly and straight across; if you pull them too aggressively, or too fast, they will tear. Sometimes as production goes on, you start to move faster, and that is when you may experience this. The labels are a bit delicate, so just be mindful during the labeling process.