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Naja Tea Sipper Flights - Label Ideas

by Naja Hayward

Naja Tea designs loose leaf tea blends for every taste. We started selling our "Sippers" to give customers a chance to experience a tea flavor before committing to our full sized canisters. We now sell them in flights of 4 and our customers LOVE them. Our labels are a big part of our brand, creating an inviting and colorful experience with our teas.

How was this label used?

On both our full size canisters and our mini samples, we use the 1 3/4th size labels to distinguish the tea and describe it.

Useful tips for this project

When you have large orders, it's great to have a system for quick packing. We suggest setting time aside to pre-label your packaging for your top sellers and organizing them by type so when packing you simply pull the already labeled poly bag and fill it!