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Honey What A Sweet Deal ! - Label Ideas

by Connie Moore

Honey Hive Farms has been in business for over 12 years. We have some of the Best Arizona Honey if not the best. We have six different types of raw honeys and in those each types we have four different sizes. Online Labels is a very large chunk of our business, it really helps to have the labels just right. Honey Hive Farms offers hands on beekeeping classes, where we give out stickers of our bee logo. Saving The World One Bee At A Time....

How was this label used?

Honey Hive Farms proudly displays our labels on our honey bears, back and sometimes the top lid.<br/>With the items we offer it is fun to change up the labels off and on or add social media to our labels.

Useful tips for this project

Tips.<br/>1. Keep the labels in a nice cool place<br/>2. Keep the labels flat<br/>3. Have a good printer with back up ink<br/>4. Align the printer<br/>5. Watch you layout, margins. We want to fill the label up but the printers accuracy is sometimes not all that good. A little buffer OR a label that runs off the edge will be helpful.<br/>6. Setting: We like to use the label settings. Nicer color and better quality, we love quality.<br/>7. Peeling off the labels: Pull off the part that is not the label. It is easy to pull the labels off<br/>Wish you well, Tim M, Owner of Honey Hive Farms