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Healing Salve Labels for Pets - Label Ideas

by Jenny Constable

Ali's Healing Salve for Pets is a blend of organic herbs and oils that provide relief and promote healthy healing of hot spots, cuts and surgical wounds on dogs, cats and horses. All ingredients are safe and non-toxic (because we know they are going to try and lick it off!) This is a must have for every pet owner! Don't wait until you need it! My girls, Cleo and Lola, are constantly getting in to something. From minor cuts and scrapes in the yards to larger more serious wounds (punctures and stitches after surgery) this salve heals them quickly and prevents infection. Ingredients: sunflower oil*, coconut oil*, beeswax*, vitamin E (non-GMO), chickweed*, calendula*, essential oil of tea tree* & love! *Organic ingredient To learn more about the herbs and oils used in this product please visit All Natural ~ GMO Free ~ Cruelty Free ~ Made in USA Each metal tin contains 1.2 ounces of healing salve and love!

Useful tips for this project

Play around with different fonts! All the same fonts or fonts that are very similar make the label look boring. This product sold much better after I changed the font to be more eye catching and playful. Make sure the fonts you choose match the message or feeling you are trying to convey. You can Google "fonts" and find hundreds of fonts that are available for download (most of the time for free!)

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