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Home Ideas Evelasting Herb Farm's Organic Lip Balm Labels

Evelasting Herb Farm's Organic Lip Balm Labels - Label Ideas

by Wendy Mackenzie

Everlasting Herb Farm creates premium, small batch, hand poured, plant based skin care products that benefit people, pollinators and the planet. Located in Peacham, Vermont, our vision is to nurture healthy skin, sustainability and a better world. We also believe in giving back to our local community by donating to the Vermont Food Bank, local schools and the Dominican Republic where Wendy served as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

How was this label used?

These waterproof labels saved me. For over 15 years, I could never get my labels to stick to lip balm tubes (and I tried everything!) I had to use tape which looked so unprofessional. I have switched over to using only this waterproof paper for all of my labels. And the best part is these labels stick to every bottle, jar and lip balm tube! My products look so much better! A quality product on the inside needs to look great on the outside!

Useful tips for this project

The weather proof labels are more expensive, but worth every penny because of the way the adhere to products. (I tried the aggressive sticky labels, but they didn't work nearly as well.) I have also found over the years that if I am having trouble with anything at Online Labels that I can call and get great help. I really appreciate that!