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Cotton Candy Whipped Body Butter - Label Ideas

by Joanna McEvoy

Smooth and creamy vegan whipped body butter, scented with sugary sweet cotton candy!

How was this label used?

We use 2-3 labels for each of our body butter jars. For a 4oz jar with color, we use a 4x1 aggressive white matte laser printed label for the front and a 2.5 aggressive white matte laser printed round label for the ingredients, which fits perfectly on the bottom of the jar. When a customer selects no color, we use a silver laser printed 1x0.375, or extra sparkle we use a gold laser printed1x0.375.

Useful tips for this project

Always wash hands before touching the labels and wipe the item that you're labeling with rubbing alcohol before applying the label for better adhesion. To help with water resistance, spray with 2-3 thin coats of clear coat spray paint (do not spray so heavily, or the spray will run), and set the spray with a heat gun. For full color laser printed labels, doing this will make the color more vibrant and give a shiny finish to the entire label. This also helps to keep toner from flaking, if you are struggling with printer settings.