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Home Ideas Birthday Cake Whipped Body Butter

Birthday Cake Whipped Body Butter - Label Ideas

by Beth Immell

This moisturizing whipped body butter is handcrafted with the finest butters and oils. We use essential oils and natural extracts that provides the aroma of creamy cake frosting. The benefits of using body butter: ~ Restores skin elasticity ~Promotes healthy skin cells ~ Deeply hydrates the skin ~ Keeps skin soft and supple This decadent whipped butter melts into your skin on contact.

How was this label used?

We used one 7.5" x 1.5" weatherproof, white matte label for our product. This label fits our 4 oz. glass jars perfectly.

Useful tips for this project

The label requires a clear coat to ensure the ink does not smear. We used two light coats of spray paint in a clear finish. This provides a very fine mist that dries quickly.