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Absolutely Fabulous Soap Co Product Labels - Label Ideas

by Susan Habel

Absolutely Fabulous Soap Company products use well researched, sustainably sourced, raw materials utilizing the best that nature and science have available. I am always seeking new, innovative plant products to market and new green science to enhance sensory perception, moisturization, protection, healing and enjoyment for my clients. If you're going to be Absolutely Fabulous, you've got to have it all! I want everyone who uses, gifts or receives these wares to feel absolutely fabulous.

How was this label used?

They are on everything. It's great to be able to print my own labels individually as it enables me to bring things to market faster and without waste and no matter what I formulate, no matter how I contain it; there's an Online Label that will work perfectly and seamlessly into my product lines. The quality is always consistent. That's why they've been a trusted part of my supply chain for nearly 20 years.

Useful tips for this project

Store in a cool, dark, dry place to keep the adhesive backing in prime shape.