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Home Ideas 3-in-1 Whipped Scrubs

3-in-1 Whipped Scrubs - Label Ideas

by Michelle Cole

This is my whipped soap scrub. Its a 3-in-1 whipped soap sugar scrub with added oils for moisturizing. My brand has bright vivid colors and wonderful scents to elevate your shower time.

How was this label used?

I needed a label to wrap around the jar. Since I need it to list instructions for use and ingredients as well as logos and product name I needed a label that could print clearly as well as have bright, vivid colors. This product also is mainly in a wet environment and the product has soap and oils in it, so I wanted the label to be able to hold up well with regular use.

Useful tips for this project

I design all my labels on Canva, but I love using the Maestro editor to fine tune everything before I print. It is very user friendly and it prints well from my browser