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Etsy Seller Uses Cheeky Labels To Stand Out In Saturated Beauty Market

Updated 05/17/2022
Great DIY product labels by Etsy seller, Aroma Rebel Bath & Botanical

We recently asked our customers to share their label creations in action. We received almost too many great submissions to count! One of the winners of the #MyLabelCreation promotion, Tosha Knight, wanted to share her story and explain how labels play a role in her small business' success.

Tosha is the founder of Aroma Rebel Bath & Botanical which sells some pretty unique and unforgettable products.

OnlineLabels: Tell us a bit about your business and how it got started.

Tosha: I started Aroma Rebel Bath & Botanical out of a personal need to have bath and body products that fill the gap between organic and commercial products on the market.

How we accomplish this as our first priority is being mindful of how and where our ingredients are sourced. Second would be what benefits those ingredients provide your skin. We don't want dry alligator skin. Lastly, feeding the desire to have rainbow-hued and fun, scented products are at the heart of this cheeky business.

OL: What's your favorite product to sell?

T: This is a tough question to answer. It's like picking your favorite child or band. My favorite product right now is anything scented with Heart of a Rebel fragrance. It's a duplicated fragrance I created after my favorite perfume.

Heart of a Rebel is everything you would expect – it's wild and enchanting with just a touch of mystery. Everything any woman wants, right?

OL: What are some of your biggest challenges as a small business owner? How do you overcome them?

"The biggest challenge of being a small business owner is wearing most of the hats all the time."

T: There is always something to plan, tend to, or execute ... producing and cultivating products, marketing, graphic design, copywriting, blogging, and tackling the social media beast.

Overcoming these challenges would not be easy without a crazy desire to live life on my terms, keeping my eye on the prize, and a REALLY STRONG support system.

OL: Why are labels important to the success of your products and company?

T: In a sea of competing products and companies, labels help set your business apart in the game. Labels convey not only what's in your products, but provide a first impression.

Labels also help the consumer decide if your product is right for them. As a business on a budget, it's nice to know I can get professional looking labels for a fraction of the price through

Many thanks to Tosha Knight for sharing her story and photos of her labels. You can find more labels created by customers in our Customer Ideas gallery.

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